How to Build a Trauma Informed Practice


Recognize the impact of trauma on your clients’ dietary choices and learn how nutritional counseling can support them in resisting re-traumatization.

How to Build a Trauma-Informed Practice

A Guide for Practitioners

Improving knowledge for better care and delivering better outcomes. Nutrition professionals play a key role in recognizing the relationship of trauma’s impact on eating, food choices, and health. In this training, you’ll learn about the impact of trauma on your patients and how to adapt nutritional counseling strategies to maximize effectiveness.

After this workshop you will be able to:

  • Name the ways in which trauma impacts nutritional health and the principles of a trauma-informed approach.
  • Identify the role guilt, unhealthy guilt, and shame have in nutritional health.
  • Describe the interface of trauma and shame when changing behavior.
  • Learn how to act with responsiveness to clients who’ve experienced trauma
  • Gain the confidence to empower your clients and resist re-traumatization with nutrition counseling

“A trauma-informed approach is characterized by an understanding that unhealthy dietary habits, chronic disease, and poor health outcomes may be a result of adverse experiences and not individuals choices, and therefore aims to avoid shame, stigma, and blame.”


Kathleen Putnam, MS, RDN, CDN

About Kathleen Putnam MS, RDN, CDN

Kathleen is a Trauma Dietitian. She meets you where food, body, grief, and trauma intersect. A grief coach, dietitian, end of life doula, and parent coach looking to heal your relationship with your body, food, and self. She has collaborated with us to create this program to help other practitioners recognize the relationship of trauma’s impact on eating, food choices, and health in their patients.

Ashley Koff RD

About Ashley Koff RD:

A successful integrative nutrition practitioner for over 20+ years, Ashley Koff RD helped thousands of people reach their health goals with personalized total nutrition plans. Today, Koff runs The Better Nutrition Program to empower practitioners to offer personalized nutrition recommendations to optimize patient outcomes while realizing the goals for their practices. The Better Nutrition Program features The BNP Toolkit™ the proven system for personalization with 100+ cutting-edge protocols, assessment, engagement, and marketing tools as well as numerous turnkey programs. An accomplished author, speaker, media expert, spokeswoman and activist, Koff hosts My Better Nutrition, an Alexa skill, co-hosts the podcast Take Out with Ashley & Robyn, is an advisor for Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition’s Food and Entrepreneurship program, a partner at BeyondBrands, an advisor for Victress Capital and an advisory board member for The Partnership for Healthier America. She’s a passionate basketball fan, relearning the trumpet, and loves outdoor adventures as much as her espresso CBD Koff-tado.