Love Ya, Mean It


Use the better heart health nutrition assessment tools to review your client’s total nutrition choices. Discover what needs to be better to help them get and stay heart healthy!

Better heart health nutrition gives your heart what it needs to run better including healthy cholesterol and lipoprotein A levels.

This package includes the following tools to create your better heart health nutrition plan:

Don’t forget to share their results, with approval, with their other healthcare providers. This positions you as the quarterback in their healthcare. It also introduces you to other practitioners as someone who can do assessments for their clients and patients too. These tools are also ready-made lead magnets you can use to generate connections from social media, media appearances and events.


Why should I use hearth health nutrition assessment tools?

Using heart health nutrition assessment tools helps you evaluate their total nutrition. These results complement those you get from their lab tests and biometrics, as well as family history. Therefore, you can easily develop personalized recommendations.

What should I tell my client about the tools?

Don’t stress over heart health. Let’s review your current total nutrition in conjunction with your other test results. These tools help me develop specific recommendations for you that are doable and effective.

The better news is the better heart health nutrition assessment tools identify your better choices. Discover the food, beverages, and supplements that will help your heart get and stay healthy.

It is also beneficial to discuss cholesterol and address common myths about heart disease and cholesterol levels. Here is a good resource from one of our Better Nutrition Providers.

Should my clients stop supplements for heart health?

The headlines are scary. But not providing better personalized nutrition advice. Here’s what you need to consider in developing your recommendations. Always ask your patients about any supplements and remember to include fiber and protein as ones you want them to share with you.

Why the Love Ya, Mean It heart health nutrition assessment tools package?

When you have the information about their total nutrition you know what needs to be adjusted. Thus, you can more easily help them get heart healthy powered by better nutrition. Sure you can get these better nutrition tools individually, we just bundled them together to make it easier and save you money.