Better Plant Based Nutrition Guide


Make better plant based nutrition choices for better health (for you, farmers and the planet).

This guide helps you avoid the most common mistakes. Whether you are already following a plant-based diet or are considering one, learn tips to make it deliciously easy to choose plants for better nutrition more often.

Why better plant based nutrition?

All animals need the nutrients that plants offer. ONLY plants give you nutrients, micronutrients  and plant nutrient to help your body run better.

Worried that eating more plants makes you gassy or bloated?

Don’t blame plants for your digestion woes. Here’s how to fix your digestion. Yes there are some plants that may be more difficult to digest, but often how you prepare them can help with that too! Get more expert tips in this guide.


Better plant based nutrition choices do what?

Better plant based nutrition choices provide your body the nutrients it needs to run better. Our bodies use plants to do their clean-up work, to help them run better, and to prevent disease. When we don’t get in enough plants our bodies choose what gets cleaned up and what stays messy. That’s not better.

Is plant based the same as being vegan?

No. When you follow a plant based diet you build your better nutrition plan from plants. That is different than being plant monogamous 😉  For plant based plans, you can still accessorize with animal and animal products if you choose.

Are all plant based choices better for you?

No. And right now that is really important to remember as plant based burgers pop up on junk food menus everywhere. Learn more about those burgers in this interview.

How can you make better plant based nutrition taste good?

You will love better quality plants when you learn to prepare them better – like with oils, herbs and spices – making them both delicious and nutritious. Different cooking techniques really bring out the deliciousness of plants, so this guide will introduce you to some of our favorite resources. You should also check out our recipes for better plant based nutrition options.