Better Vitamin D Evaluation


Why the Better Nutrition Vitamin D evaluation?
The Better Nutrition Vitamin D Evaluation is the first and only tool to help you review your current total nutrition to discover what is better and what could be better to give your body the vitamin D it needs.
Drinking milk or eating mushrooms to get your vitamin D daily?
Keep sipping and eating… it would take you about 6 glasses of milk to meet your baseline needs for vitamin D and pounds of mushrooms. Hmmmm, there’s got to be something better, right? Vitamin D is one of those that you likely want to rely on a supplement to achieve your better total nutrition more often.
Why Vitamin D?
To get better health from A-Z, your body needs enough D. Vitamin D helps promote hormone health, blood sugar metabolism, healthy bones, disease prevention and even recurrence of some cancers.
What should you do with your Better Nutrition Vitamin D evaluation?
Take the quiz and share your results with your practitioner(s) or use it with your patients and clients to help them make their better vitamin D nutrition choices.


Is your daily total nutrition giving your body enough vitamin D?
More accurately referred to as a hormone, your body uses vitamin D to ensure your systems run better. That means enough vitamin D is key for better energy, bone health, blood sugar metabolism and to help prevent disease and some cancer recurrences. What you eat, sip, pop either gives your body enough vitamin D or it doesn’t.
What choices deliver vitamin D better?
Better nutrition better be based on you, delicious, doable and provide nutrient balance. So your better vitamin D choices may include some foods, but most likely, also a supplement. It will depend on your current health, medications, and health goal(s), what you have access to and your preferences.
What are better vitamin D supplements?
You better supplement choices will depend on the results of your Better Nutrition Vitamin D Evaluation. Sign up for The Better Nutrition Supplement Store to get access to our approved products and recommendations.