A Better Menu: Trace Nutrients


Sometimes just a little of something can make a big difference. This is so true of getting enough of these key trace minerals (Iodine, Zinc, Chromium & Copper). Your body uses them for hormones, skin, hair, immune health and so much more. Check out the better menu trace nutrients to help you get enough of all of them, deliciously,  more often.


How do I use the better nutrition trace nutrients menu?

Sure, you can follow this trace nutrients menu exactly. But  if that is not delicious or doable for you? No problem. Use the menu as a guide. Review each day to see how much each better nutrition pit stop delivers for each of the trace nutrients.

How much trace nutrients does each day provide?

We based our goals on current guidelines for adults. You will see totals for each day, and each nutrients. For recipes that make more than one serving, we did the math for you so the “total” number is for one serving.

What about supplements of trace nutrients?

Your total nutrition needs to be better so that includes food, beverages and supplements. Supplements can be an easy and effective way to meet your daily total nutrition needs.  Visit the Better Nutrition Supplement Store to see our approved choices.