A Better Menu: Calcium


Get enough calcium daily, deliciously and easily.

Whether it’s strong bones, a healthy heart, or better nervous system function – calcium delivers much needed support to our bodies.  Nature gives us calcium in so many different foods, so don’t feel like you have to eat the same foods or pop supplements to get in your calcium daily. The Better Calcium Menu helps you get the calcium your body needs to run better. Not every body needs the same amount of calcium daily, and too much calcium is not better, so make sure to also do the Better Calcium Evaluation


How do I use the better calcium menu?

Sure, you can follow the better calcium menu exactly. But, what if that is not delicious or doable for you? No problem. Use the calcium menu as a guide. Review each day to see how much calcium each better nutrition pit stop delivers.

Are there any foods I should eat or avoid to improve my calcium absorption?

Nature provides calcium along with other nutrients so you don’t need to worry about foods as much as supplements and fortified foods. Iron may compete with calcium so its best to space out these supplemental nutrients for optimal absorption of either. Your body needs a balance of calcium and magnesium.  Use the better nutrition magnesium evaluation and menu to make sure you get in enough of this key nutrient along with your calcium.

What about a calcium supplement?

Remember you can also get in calcium from a quality supplement. Visit the Better Nutrition Supplement Store to see our approved choices.