Better Men’s Nutrition Evaluation


“I love the men’s better nutrition evaluation! I’ve had over 30 guys use it so far and for every one of them we found something that could be better to help them win!”

Dr Myles Spar,

Why the Better Men’s Nutrition Evaluation?

When a man gives his body what it needs to run better, based on the results of the Better Men’s Nutrition Evaluation, he can achieve his goals better. The Better Men’s Nutrition Evaluation is the first and only tool to review your client’s current total nutrition to discover what is better and what could be better to help your client reach his goals.

What makes it better?

Developed with leading men’s health expert, Dr. Myles Spar, founder of Tack180 men’s health system, this evaluation provides you with key insights needed to create or fine tune your client’s plan for optimal health.

What should you do with the Better Men’s Nutrition Evaluation?

Invite your client to complete the Better Men’s Nutrition Evaluation and share results with you so that you may then provide better, personalized and total nutrition recommendations to your client. Get permission to share the results with the other members of your patient’s team.

Did you know that you can seamlessly use these tools with your Practice Better, Healthie and other EHR accounts? For an example, Learn how to Practice Better Nutrition in this post.


Men: Is your nutrition better?

As a healthcare practitioner, you know your male clients have unique nutrient needs to run better – assess your client’s current total nutrition using the Better Men’s Nutrition Evaluation. Everything that your client takes in – what he eats, drinks and takes for supplements needs to be assessed to him him reach his health goal.

What choices are better for men’s health goals?

This depends on your client’s current health, medications, and health goal(s), but there are key foods, beverages, and supplements that help promote better health. Likewise, there are those to avoid or reduce to improve nutrition levels as well as overall men’s health.

What are better supplements for men?

Your client’s better supplement choices depend on the results of the Better Men’s Nutrition Evaluation. Sign up for The Better Nutrition Supplement Store to get access to our approved products and recommendations.

Learn more about Dr Spar here.