Better Fasting Nutrition Guide


Why the better fasting nutrition guide?

Your body needs to recover to run better. While nutrients can help with recovery, the absence of nutrients helps optimize recovery even further. The better fasting nutrition guide goes through the different fasts and how to make choices based on your body. 

What does the better fasting nutrition guide include?

Learn about the different kinds of fasts as well as how to match the better fast with a specific body or health goal. Also learn how to avoid the common fasting myths and mistakes. Optimize your fast by learning what to consume after your fast as well.

Get this guide to discover better fasting nutrition.

Preview the guide, then grab it along with The Better Digestion Evaluation as the path to any better health goal begins with better digestion.


Want to use the better fasting nutrition guide?

Use the better fasting nutrition guide to help you make the better choice for your body.  We developed this tool with better fasting nutrition expert (and Better Nutrition Provider) Kristin Kirkpatrick RD, watch our interview. Better health results occur when you connect the better what and the better when for your body.  Skipping food groups, adding in specific ingredients or only consuming liquids often get the most attention for the way to get health results but fasting may actually be better for you. 

How can better fasting help my body?

Giving your body enough rest while giving it what it needs to run better can help your body run better and clean up or heal. That’s the better health win. But only if you choose the right fast for your body.

How can I make better fasting nutrition choices taste good?

Unless it is a complete fast, your body needs nutrients and better nutrition better be delicious otherwise it can harder to stay on the fast. Your fast could include a deliciously rich collagen-promoting chocolate smoothie and that is great because chocolate helps your body get enough magnesium to turn off stress.