Better CBD Nutrition


Why better CBD nutrition?

Better CBD nutrition means that the quality, dose and use of the ingredient matches the person to help their body optimize its health. There are a lot of considerations to choosing better CBD products. This guide helps you assess and make better choices.

“Your CBD guide helped me pick a product and talk to my doctor about it. It is helping me a lot! Thank you” – Myra

“I purchased your BETTER CBD GUIDE.  It helped me to sort through some of the marketing I found confusing and I feel better equipped to purchase CBD products with confidence.  I also now know which questions to ask about a product that I may want to buy.  I think your product will be beneficial for many consumers.”      – An

How do I know if CBD is good for me or my patients?

Expert advice from those who prescribe, use and have studied cannabis for decades.  Meet Laura Lagano MS RDN CDN, Brooke Alpert RD and Doc Rob. In this guide you get their expert advice as well as access to more resources so that they can guide you to making better CBD nutrition choices.

This guide includes key questions you need to know to help your patients make their better CBD nutrition choices.



Why a better CBD nutrition guide?

A better CBD nutrition guide helps you discover the product(s) your body can use to run better. Discover your better CBD choices whether as an ingredient added to foods and beverages or as supplements.

Does CBD help the body run better?

Your body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) so better CBD choices may help you get the benefits from that system operating better. We still have much to learn about how this system works. Here’s how CBD may help your digestion.

What form of CBD is better?

This guide reviews the different forms, doses and other issues to consider to help you make better CBD choices. Our experts provide their insights including why one chose to formulate her own product to recommend to patients and family.

How can I make better CBD nutrition choices taste good?

Better nutrition better be delicious so we enjoy making those choices more often. CBD powders like Daily Habit can be added to smoothies and coffee.

Can I get the benefit of CBD by eating hemp foods?

Hemp foods like hemp seeds, hemp oil and hemp protein provide loads of better nutrition – check out our hemp menu featuring recipes like hemp parmesan – but they are not your better CBD nutrition choices.