Better Nutrition Tools

Better nutrition tools like The Better Nutrition Plan (learn more below) and The Better Nutrition Journal (learn more below) help you review your current total nutrition, build your better nutrition plan, and track you progress making your better nutrition choices more often. Calorie and macro counting may be helpful, but they don’t tell the whole picture especially if you take supplements or medications daily. Your mood, sleep, and activity will impact your nutrient needs but also shed light on how your behaviors impact your nutrition choices. Use these better nutrition tools yourself or with your healthcare practitioner, trainer and coach. If you are a practitioner, use these for intake forms or as part of your courses and consults. Better nutrition assessments help you make better nutrition recommendations for better outcomes.

What is The Better Nutrition Plan?

  • 25-page workbook, yes, to get better results you do have to do some work to customize your plan
  • The first and only nutrition plan that helps you assess your current total nutrition – foods, drinks, supplements, medications – and lifestyle choices
  • A set of exercises to help you see what’s already better (yay – keep these!) and where you could make better nutrition choices to help your body to run better.
  • Includes a better proven technique to help you reduce stress immediately (!)
  • Discover the 4 pillars and the 9 betters of better nutrition
  • Better map of how to choose better quality foods and beverages.
  • Better list of food groups and amounts to see what nutrients your favorites & not-so favorites give you (carbs, fats, proteins, non-starchy vegetables)

What is The Better Nutrition Journal?

Your tool to track your current choices to see what is better and help you easily identify your better next steps. Tracking (aka ‘food journal’) is the number one behavior amongst people who’ve succeeded in creating healthy habits. But not all food journals are better.

Why is The Better Nutrition Journal better?

A lot of journals are either blank pages or they have you track calories and macros. While those might be helpful, they aren’t what you need to get better health results. The Better Nutrition Journal helps you track the 4 pillars of better nutrition along with your mood and activity. This helps you and your practitioners identify your better next steps.