Overcoming Your Nutrition Rock Bottom: A Journey to Better Health

In trying to feel better, have you ever done something that seems crazy, tastes awful and did not turn out to be the magic pill or silver bullet you were sold? We call this the “nutrition rock bottom.” While we might giggle saying it, the truth is it is usually accompanied by the worst feelings of failure and frustration. 

If you’ve hit your nutrition rock bottom, you are not alone. You will learn from Ashley, you deserve so much better. 

The Goat Milk Cleanse Debacle

The story begins with a seven-day goat milk cleanse. Yes, you read that correctly! After years of trying to heal her symptoms with professional help, Ashley embarked on this unusual dietary experiment after being convinced by someone she knew from her yoga class, who claimed to be a healer. The so-called healer pricked her finger and diagnosed Ashley with a mysterious worm that she believed had been plaguing her since the age of 15.

And what was the healer’s remedy for Ashley’s alleged ailment, you ask? Brace yourself—it was none other than drinking a whopping 40 ounces of goat’s milk every day for an entire week! Yes, it’s just as outlandish as it sounds. This unique journey had Ashley examining her own poop to see if it had turned white, as she was told she would see the worm pass. In hindsight, she admitted with a chuckle, “Well, duh! If I’m only consuming goat’s milk, it’s only logical that my poop would be grayish-white.” Surprisingly, during this cleanse, she felt much better so she stuck with it determined to finally win at her health. 

Sadly, this fleeting sense of well-being was short-lived. Just as quickly as it had come, it vanished. Within days of finishing the seven-day goat milk cleanse, Ashley found herself right back at square one, if not worse off than before. The setback was disheartening to say the least. She realized that she had lost seven days of her life on a cleanse that offered no real benefits. She felt even more hopeless and thought that her only option was to indulge in unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol and eating without any regard for her health.

The False Promises of a Quick Fix

Ashley’s story may sound extreme, but it’s not uncommon to resort to drastic measures in our quest for better nutrition. Many of us have tried fad diets or quick fixes that promise miraculous results in a short time. The problem with these approaches is that they rarely offer lasting solutions.

A Chance Encounter

It was in the midst of this despair that Ashley had a chance encounter with an integrative gastroenterologist who overheard her story. This doctor, rather than ridiculing her, offered guidance and support. She believed that Ashley’s problems were not about her current choices but rather about what her body was lacking. Ashley needed a digestive tune up to address years of antibiotics which had left her gut with none of what it needed and increased needs for magnesium. 

The Power of Truly Personalized Nutrition

Why share this story? To introduce an extreme Goat’s Milk Cleanse? NO WAY! To make you feel better about having hit your rock bottom? You bet! To help you identify exactly what your body needs to run better? Of course. To help you make those better for you choices more often? That’s right!

This is where we come in.

The Better Nutrition Program, founded by Ashley Koff RD, focuses on creating truly personalized nutrition plans. These plans consider your choices, your body’s responses to those choices, and the reasons behind your decisions. With this 4 Step Approach, you can work with a professional who can help you determine what your body needs to function optimally and guide you in making healthier choices.

If you’ve ever found yourself contemplating or even trying extreme and unsustainable dietary practices, know that you’re not alone. Ashley’s story serves as a reminder that there is hope and a better way. Don’t wait until you hit your nutrition rock bottom; instead, seek a personalized approach to nutrition that aligns with your unique needs and goals. Remember, you don’t have to go through the equivalent of a goat milk cleanse to achieve better health.