How a Woman Can Boost Metabolism Over 40

The information about how a woman can boost metabolism over 40 is everywhere – and not better. No, the answer for every woman is not fasting, skipping or adding. It’s much more foundational and personal. In this article, we explain exactly how to evaluate and give your body what it needs for better metabolic health.

  • The two systems that need to be optimized
  • How to know if your digestion is optimal
  • Why hydration is not about drinking more water
  • The type of plan you should follow to optimize metabolism

What will boost your metabolism over 40?

Focusing on the nutrients you take in is important to support metabolic health. Avoiding things that make it harder for your body to run better is also important. BUT they aren’t the MOST important and effective ways for a woman to boost metabolism over 40.

“The most important way to boost metabolism is to ensure your cells gets the nutrients you work hard to give it, and in a form it can use, easily.”

Ashley Koff RD

How do I make sure my body gets the nutrients I give it?

Optimal digestion and hydration are responsible for bringing nutrients to and into the cells. Many things can negatively affect the body from getting the nutrients and water you take in.

  • Hormone shifts – as hormones shift with your cycle or peri-menopause it throws your digestion off course.
  • Medications – these impact the pace and quality of nutrient absorption.
  • Health – your past medical history (pregnancy, surgeries, diagnoses etc.) factors into your body’s ability to deliver and absorb nutrients.
  • Nutrition – what you eat, drink and pop will impact whether your body can deliver the nutrients easily or feels overwhelmed and stores them.
  • Stress – good and challenging stress will turn attention away from digestion thus reducing its efficiency.
  • Genetics – your unique design will impact whether the form of nutrients you take in revealing where you need higher amounts or different sources to optimize metabolism.

How do I know if my digestion and hydration are good enough?

Good enough as defined by standard lab tests isn’t good enough to boost your metabolism over 40. We need your digestion and hydration to be optimal. We can assess digestion easily (no stool test required) with some key questions. Want to try it out yourself? Download the evaluation now!

Hydration is often mistakenly thought of as water going in – but it is really water and the nutrients it escorts going into the cells. This requires minerals and a focus on reducing dehydrating choices. We can assess hydration (absorption) with an easy test – drink 8-10 oz of water and if you have to pee before 2 hours we know you need to optimize it. Did you pass the hydration test or do you need to optimize hydration? If you didn’t pass, email us at for a free protocol.

How do I know if my body has the nutrients it needs for better metabolism?

You can evaluate what you take in. Your total nutrition includes your food, beverages and supplements. That said, to be really accurate, we recommend annually assessing total microutrients – this is an easy blood test.

A lot of the bloodwork that women do doesn’t tell us about optimal nutrient status for metabolism. The “normal” numbers are often based off of men! And they don’t look at the why or where your nutrients are being used.

For example, does your body have enough magnesium to have your heart muscle relax? That’s its priority. But you will want it to have enough magnesium to turn off sleep, to relax digestion so you can poop, to help muscles stop contracting, and to build bone. Do you want to do a micronutrient test?

Does alcohol affect my metabolism?

Yes, So if you are a woman over 40 looking to boost metabolism you should evaluate your relationship with alcohol, It negatively affects digestion – the gut lining specifically – which is where we produce GLP-1 hormones that regulate appetite and insulin. It also impairs absorption of B vitamins needed for metabolism.

You don’t have to quit alcohol entirely in most cases. But if you drink, you need to make sure you optimize digestion, hydration and nutrient intake.

Do my genetics impact my metabolism?

Absolutely. It is one of our favorite tools – a nutrigenomics test – to build a plan to boost metabolism. Using a test reveals your body’s strengths and any inefficiencies that directs us to better choices for you. It is not about one gene but rather how your different genes and their variants can be optimized. Do you want a genetic test and evaluation by our team?

How can I boost my metabolism as a woman over 40?

If you really want to do all this a truly personalized comprehensive nutrition plan is your best bet. We can add-on different tests initially to help us build the most efficient plan. When you implement your plan, your coach will help you find ways to make your better choices, more often. Then you and your coach will share your results and our team will adjust your plan in real-time. We keep finding ways to make it easier for you to enjoy better metabolism at every age. Want a truly personalized comprehensive nutrition plan?