Erin Lawson, MS, RN, CNS, LDN

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Erin Lawson, MS BSN RN CNS

Erin Lawson, MS RN CNS® LDN, founder of Embolden Nutrition, specializes in conditions related to gut health (i.e., IBS, SIBO, food sensitivities), and has a particular interest in chronic inflammatory conditions, autoimmunity, hormone health, and fertility. Her training in both nursing and nutrition has given her a broad experience and a unique eye for the differences between traditional and functional medicine. She strives to combine the best approaches from both types of medicine for the most effective and individualized outcomes. Erin has experienced healing from food firsthand and she has a passion to set you on a path for success to reclaim your own wellness and alleviate chronic disease!

functional medicine
gut health
hormone balance
personalized nutrition

Meet Better Nutrition Program Provider Erin Lawson, MS, RN, CNS, LDN, founder of Embolden Nutrition.

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