Erin Lawson, MS, RN, CNS, LDN

Embolden Nutrition

Erin Lawson, MS BSN RN CNS

Erin Lawson, MS RN CNS® LDN, founder of Embolden Nutrition, specializes in navigating root causes of gut dysfunction and uses a food first approach to healing. She also has a particular interest in autoimmunity, hormone health, and fertility. She is experienced in both the traditional and functional medicine worlds as a practitioner and as a patient. She understands the frustration of trying to find answers and she has established a proven process to stop chasing symptoms and start nourishing your body with what it needs to experience vibrant wellness.

functional medicine
gut health
hormone balance
personalized nutrition

Meet Better Nutrition Program Provider Erin Lawson, MS, RN, CNS, LDN, founder of Embolden Nutrition.

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