The Business of Genomics Workshop


Join the genomics revolution! Learn how genetic testing is leading the future of personalized nutrition and how you can leverage it to grow your business.



The Genomic Revolution Is Now! Are You Ready to Harness Its Power for Your Business?

From DNA to Better Total Nutrition, this is a unique opportunity to learn from leading experts how to translate genomic information into actionable results that rebuild your patients health and your bottom line.

This workshop is for you if…

  • YOU are excited about the potential of genomics to personalize nutrition recommendations
  • YOU are studying or being mentored to use genomic testing to unzip a patient’s unique gene blueprint
  • YOU are planning to build genomic testing into your portfolio of personalized services
  • YOU are using genomic testing with patients and want to get more patient & business wins
  • YOU want a robust practice, operating on your terms, at the cutting-edge of nutrition and health

Join Amanda Archibald RD & Ashley Koff RD for this robust accelerator workshop!