The Business of Genomics Workshop


Join the genomics revolution! Learn how genetic testing is leading the future of personalized nutrition and how you can leverage it to grow your business.



The Genomic Revolution is Now! Are You Ready to

Harness Its Power for Your Business?

From DNA to Better Total Nutrition, this is a unique opportunity to learn from leading experts how to translate genomic information into actionable results that rebuild your patients health and your bottom line.

This workshop is for you if…

  • YOU are excited about the potential of genomics to personalize nutrition recommendations
  • YOU are studying or being mentored to use genomic testing to unzip a patient’s unique gene blueprint
  • YOU are planning to build genomic testing into your portfolio of personalized services
  • YOU are using genomic testing with patients and want to get more patient & business wins
  • YOU want a robust practice, operating on your terms, at the cutting-edge of nutrition and health

Join Amanda Archibald RD & Ashley Koff RD for this robust accelerator workshop!

Gain access to 3 – 90 minute Workshops:

  • Why: Using Genomics Is A Win-Win for Your Clients & Your Business
  • What: Essentials for Developing Your Better Genomic Business Plan
  • How: Putting It All Together for Consistent Client & Business Wins

Get Exclusive Genomic Kitchen &
The Better Nutrition Program Tools & Bonuses

  • Lead Magnet: Winning with Genomics (for prospects & referrals)
  • Intake Form: Getting Started with Genomics (for patients & referrals)
  • Practitioner Resource: Genomic Systems (analyze data applying systems thinking)
  • Getting Started with Genomics: (3) Genomic Kitchen Gene Navigation Starter Roadmaps


About Amanda Archibald RD

Amanda Archibald, RD has a longstanding commitment to redefining food, nutrition and the culinary arts in ways that consistently change the playing field. She pioneered the concept ofCulinaryGenomics to reflect the revolutionary merge of nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics and the culinary arts. Through this work, Amanda bridges personalized medicine with the kitchen, igniting a new food-gene conversation for the world. As Principal at The Genomic Kitchen, Amanda provides genomic test interpretation with customized food and lifestyle planning for individuals. She teaches, coaches and mentors clinicians in genomics and how to apply this cutting-edge science in their practices. Additionally, Amanda is a sought-after consultant corporate entities around the globe, helping them to develop or apply genetics-related products in their industry category. Amanda has taught and spoken extensively at clinical, health and industry conferences in the USA, Europe,SouthAfrica,Australia and NewZealand. Her award-winning work in Culinary Genomics has been successfully integrated, for the first time in the world, on to the patient menu at the Sharp Healthcare system in San Diego,California. Her book The Genomic Kitchen:Your Guide To Understanding And Using The Food-Gene Connection For A Lifetime Of Health was published in 2019 and provides deep insight into the power of how to choose and eat in harmony with your genes.

Ashley Koff RD

About Ashley Koff RD:

A successful integrative nutrition practitioner for over 20+ years, Ashley Koff RD helped thousands of people reach their health goals with personalized total nutrition plans. Today, Koff runs The Better Nutrition Program to empower practitioners to offer personalized nutrition recommendations to optimize patient outcomes while realizing the goals for their practices. The Better Nutrition Program features The BNP Toolkit™ the proven system for personalization with 100+ cutting-edge protocols, assessment, engagement, and marketing tools as well as numerous turnkey programs. An accomplished author, speaker, media expert, spokeswoman and activist, Koff hosts My Better Nutrition, an Alexa skill, co-hosts the podcast Take Out with Ashley & Robyn, is an advisor for Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition’s Food and Entrepreneurship program, a partner at BeyondBrands, an advisor for Victress Capital and an advisory board member for The Partnership for Healthier America. She’s a passionate basketball fan, relearning the trumpet, and loves outdoor adventures as much as her espresso CBD Koff-tado.