The Better Wine Nutrition Guide


Why better wine nutrition?

Yes you can (in most cases) enjoy some wine as part of your better wine nutrition plan. Dark red wines offer heart healthy antioxidants, and there are choices like some whites and even some bubbles that are lower in sugar.

Worried about wine triggering a health issue?

This guide looks at things like sulfites, headaches and even what is better for your waistline, so use the better wine nutrition guide to discover what kinds of wines you might actually be able to drink.

Can wine help me …?

Better wine nutrition helps you make your better wine choices but you still need to discover the better choices that give your body what it needs to run better. Use the rest of the better nutrition tools – like the magnesium evaluation – to help you turn address headaches and digestion.


Want to make your better wine nutrition choices?

To drink or not to drink…that’s one question. Another is what’s better to drink, when it comes to wine? There are better wine nutrition choices to make for your personal health goals. This guide explains how to make them more often.

How to balance better blood sugar levels and wine? 

Nutrient balance and making sure you are only getting in one serving of carbohydrate during the day will help you balance your blood sugar levels. Learn what to mix and pair with wine to help the balance.

Can I drink wine and lose weight?

Likely you can but remember, wine is a treat, not a food group, so treat yourself to it as you would any other treat – less often.