The Better Gluten-Free Nutrition Guide


Why do you need better gluten-free nutrition?

If you are working to heal your body whether from gluten or a disease or health issue, better quality for what goes in and on your body most often is critical to support the healing process. So better gluten-free nutrition is about being full of the nutrients your body needs while avoiding gluten.

What is better gluten-free nutrition?

Avoiding gluten is your priority, but we need to help you make better overall nutrition choices too. For example, foods should be minimally processed, supplements shouldn’t provide too much or too little of an ingredient, and beverages should be used to help the body get in water as well as other key nutrients, more often.

Beyond better gluten-free nutrition, what else could be better?

Watch how much added sugar you consume, aim to get in a rainbow, and make sure to get in enough fiber as well as any key nutrients your body may need to run better.  Check out the other better nutrition tools for help build your better gluten-free nutrition plan.


Is better gluten-free nutrition better for you?

Gluten-free can help you reach your health goals…or not. You may choose to avoid gluten because you have to (allergy, intolerance), it is recommended (sensitivity or as part of a medical protocol), or you just want to see what’s all the buzz. However, your better health depends on what your nutrition is full of not just free from.

How could better gluten-free nutrition help you reach your goals?

You may not be allergic or intolerant (tests determine this) but your gluten intake could use a tune-down to help you make other choices that help your body get the nutrients it needs to run better.

Where is your current gluten intake (food supplements, beverages, skincare)?

Not sure? Gluten is a protein found in whole grains – the acronym BROW helps – Barley, Rye, Oat & Wheat. While there are gluten-free oats, there are not gluten-free versions of these other grains. There are also concerns of cross contamination for those allergic or intolerant.