The Business of Supplements Workshop


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Grow Your Nutrition Business with Supplements

The Business of Supplements Workshop is for motivated practitioners who recommend or want to recommend supplements as part of personalized better health solutions for their clients.

Why The Business of Supplements?

  • Personalizing total nutrition recommendations is your competitive advantage – are you harnessing it?
  • Millions of Americans take supplements and want their practitioners guidance on what is better for them, personally. 
  • Supplements can help but also can negatively impact client outcomes so you can’t ignore supplements as part of your assessments. 
  • A better supplement sales strategy helps you combine your expertise, practitioner goals, business needs and goals for a Better Win!

Speakers Include:

  • Dr. Alex Keller
  • Dr. Tieraona Low Dog
  • Ayla Barmmer MS RDN LDN
  • Sara Newmark
  • Debra Wolf
  • Kiara Low Dog

Topics Include:

  • Personalize supplement recommendations
  • Why supplements & When to use them
  • Quality of supplements
  • Choosing supplements that align with client values
  • Supplement sales strategy
  • The Do’s & Dont’s of Marketing supplements

Our team of experts will provide you immediately actionable tips and steps!