Better Rainbow Nutrition Evaluation


Why the Better Nutrition Rainbow evaluation?

The Better Nutrition Rainbow Evaluation is the first and only tool to help you review your current total nutrition to discover what is better and what could be better to give your body the nutrients it needs for better health. Plants color code their super powers, so following a rainbow of better nutrition helps you enjoy all of their benefits, more often.

“The assessments were so great to use personally and with my daughter.  I love that they prompted her to ask me questions about foods and the meaning of some of the health questions. It was a great way for us to talk about her health!” LC, Better Nutrition Program workshop attendee

How do you use this tool?

Take the quiz and share your results with your practitioner(s) or use it with your patients and clients to help them make their better rainbow nutrition choices. Remember that there are many ways to get in a rainbow – fruits, vegetables, spices, and even supplements. This tool is a better next step for someone looking to improve skin, immune health, and to promote a healthy inflammatory response.


Is you body getting the benefits of rainbow nutrition more often?

Use this quiz to see if your body gets all the different nutrients that each color delivers.  Did you know that what you eat, sip, pop should combine to give your body the rainbow of nutrients it needs to get and stay healthy? Identify which colors you don’t do as well at getting in and build them into your better nutrition menu.

What rainbow choices are better for your body?

It depends on your current health, medications, and health goal(s), but there are key foods, beverages, and supplements that help make it easier to complete your better nutrition rainbow. Likewise, there are those to avoid or reduce your intake to improve your health.

Do supplements count as part of a better rainbow nutrition?

Your better supplement choices will depend on the results of your Better Nutrition Rainbow Evaluation. Sign up for The Better Nutrition Supplement Store to get access to our approved products and recommendations.
Looking for menu ideas to add more color more often?

Grab our Rainbow Menu for 7 days of meals and snacks. It should be deliciously easy to eat and sip for a rainbow more often.