Better PreTeen Nutrition Guide


Why the better preteen teen nutrition guide?

You know your almost and already teenager needs better nutrition. But what is better for them exactly and how can you help them get it in more often?  This guide helps you identify the foods, drinks, and supplements that deliver better total nutrition for preteens and teens.

Skip the battles, win the war.

Exhale. Grab this guide. Start building better nutrition pit stops, together, with your (almost) teenager.


What is better preteen teen nutrition?

You now have a preteen or teen – congrats! This is a key time to give their bodies the better nutrition that will help them grow and develop, as well as prevent disease later in life. Oh, and very likely, it’s the time when your preteen or teen has no interest in your better nutrition suggestions! Don’t stress – that won’t help your body – instead let us help you hack and prioritize to get your teens or almost teens the nutrients their bodies need more often.

Yes, they need better nutrition; no, it’s not the same for each child.

Knowing what their body needs is more than half the battle. Use the better preteen teen nutrition guide to help you help them discover their better choices. The better news? You have access to a lot of better nutrition tools to help you work together to create their better total nutrition plan. This includes supplements that can help you help them get in nutrients they may be missing because of their preferences, tolerances or access most days.

Any other better nutrition tools to help?

This guide pairs better with The Better Nutrition Magnesium Menu for you both. Magnesium is the mineral that turns off the bodies stress response. So whether you are a preteen or teen navigating life, or trying to raise one, your body needs enough magnesium to turn off stress daily.