The Better Nutrition Plan (Digital)


Are your clients looking for better results? Provide them with the Better Nutrition Plan.

Before your client chooses foods to include, exclude, or supplements to add to a new regimen, take a step back and invite them to follow the Better Nutrition Plan. Help them to discover what choices are already helping the body run better and what could be made even better. The Better Nutrition Plan is the deliciously doable way for your clients to reach better health goals.

What is The Better Nutrition Plan?

  • 25-page workbook to get better results – help create a total, personalized, Better Nutrition Plan
  • The first and only Better Nutrition Plan that looks at your client’s total nutrition – foods, drinks, supplements, medications –  to help your client see what could easily help them get better results
  • Gives your client a better, proven technique to help reduce stress immediately
  • Lists of better portions and how to choose quality foods and beverages
  • Better Nutrition food groups to help your client make better nutrient balanced choices


Why use the Better Nutrition Plan?

The Better Nutrition Plan is the road map to help your client make better nutrition choices, more often. Prevent your client from picking a diet designed for many people. Diets aren’t personalized, nor are they better! The Better Nutrition Plan is a total, personalized and better solution to help your client feel amazing about the process they are about to embark upon, and about the progress they are about to make.

How does the Better Nutrition Plan work?

The Better Nutrition Plan helps you assess your client’s current nutrition to see what is better and what could be better. The plan helps you identify your client’s better next steps.

Can I purchase these plans for my office, my clients, or event?

You bet. Email us about bulk orders: