The Better Nutrition Plan Digital Version


Are your clients looking for better results? Get Better Results with the Better Nutrition Plan.

Before your client chooses foods to include, exclude, or supplements to add to a new regimen, take a step back and take them through the Better Nutrition Plan. This tool begins where real change has to start – their mindset and their current choices. Use this tool to identify what they already do better. Knowing their current betters will help you create more betters because you start from success versus failures and struggles.

Use this tool to teach them what better nutrition is and isn’t and to evaluate their total nutrition. You will also learn about how they perceive their current efforts. That knowledge is power, for you the practitioner, as it helps you set realistic, effective goals. The Better Nutrition Plan is the deliciously doable way for your clients to reach better health goals.

What is The Better Nutrition Plan?

  • 25-page workbook to get better results – help create a total, personalized, Better Nutrition Plan
  • The first and only Better Nutrition Plan that looks at your client’s total nutrition – foods, drinks, supplements, medications –  to help your client see what could easily help them get better results
  • Gives your client a better, proven technique to help reduce stress immediately
  • Lists of better portions and how to choose quality foods and beverages
  • Better Nutrition food groups to help your client make better nutrient balanced choices

Here are 19 ways you and your business win when you use The Better Nutrition Plan and our other tools.


Why The Better Nutrition Plan digital version?

The Better Nutrition Plan digital version is the first and only plan that helps you assess your client’s mindset and their total nutrition. When your client records their choices, their feelings, their perception of how they are doing, you learn critical information that will help you help them succeed more often.

How does The Better Nutrition Plan work?

First, this tool includes key exercises that help shift them from a failure to a successful mindset. Watch this video to learn more from our Better Nutrition Expert, Ashley Koff RD, on how this process improves outcomes from the start.

Then, use the plan to assess your client’s current nutrition to see what’s already better and to identify what needs attention. It helps you figure out their better next steps together!  Your client can write on this PDF from his/her computer or print it out and write directly on it.

Does this tool work as a program?

Yep! We use it for all our workshops, online programs, and in-person events. It is your ready-made program for just $9.99!

Can I purchase these plans for my office, my clients, or event?

You bet. Email us about bulk orders: [email protected]