A Better Menu: Potassium


What can the better potassium menu do for you?

When you use the potassium menu to get in enough of this key mineral your skin, energy, metabolism and heart will thank you. Your body needs enough potassium daily for all of these to do better.

Get enough potassium daily, deliciously and easily.

Better hydration demands that your body gets enough potassium daily. Yes, bananas have potassium – but one banana has about 400 mg and your body needs 4700mg daily. That’s 10 bananas! So use this menu to discover better potassium rich choices you can enjoy more often.


How can you use the better potassium menu?

Use the potassium menu to help you get this important mineral that brings water inside your cells, and along with it the nutrients they need to run better. So whether you want better skin, heart health, clothes to fit better and metabolism, use this menu to make sure you give your body enough potassium most days.

What about potassium supplements?

While you can get more potassium from better supplements, you don’t want to take in more than 100mg daily unless advised by your healthcare practitioner. You need 4700mg daily so you really need to use this menu to discover meals and snacks that will help you meet your daily potassium needs.