A Better Menu: Fiber (Kids)


Help their body get the fiber it needs!
Kids bodies need fiber to use nutrients, feel satisfied, and remove what their body doesn’t need to run better daily. Try kid and dietitian-approved snacks and meals to help them meet their daily fiber needs.  Remember when adding fiber, also add water (1 glass per every 3-4g of fiber) to make sure you their bodies can easily use the additional fiber.


How do I use the better nutrition kids fiber menu ?
Sure, you can follow the menu exactly. But what if that is not delicious or doable to them? No problem. Use the kids fiber menu as a guide. Review each day to see how much fiber each better nutrition pit stop delivers.
How much fiber does each recipe provide?
You will see daily totals for the fiber as you go down the list. We also combined intakes into a daily total.
Are there any foods kids should eat or avoid to improve fiber absorption?
Water! Water helps fiber work better. So make sure they get in enough water as you increase their fiber intake,
What about a fiber supplement?
Try food first, then if you need to use a quality supplement discuss it with their practitioner and use the Better Nutrition Supplement Store to see our approved choices.