A Better Menu: Mediterranean Diet


Not headed to Greece or Italy, but want all the benefits of their foods?
If you aren’t moving to Italy or Greece anytime soon, use this betterMediterranean Diet menu to reap the benefits of their food choices for better health. Whether seeking age-defying skin, a healthier heart, maintaining your marbles (cognitive function) or cancer prevention, much research says look no further than the Mediterranean Diet. The fact that it’s delicious – well that’s what makes it better!


How do I use the better Mediterranean Diet menu?

Sure, you can follow the menu exactly. But, what if that is not delicious or doable for you? No problem. Use the Mediterranean Diet menu as a guide or follow it exactly for one week to see how good eating from a better Mediterranean Diet menu can taste a feel.

What if I don’t like, can’t tolerate, or choose to avoid some of the foods?

Skip them, but swop them with something else you find on the better Mediterranean Diet menu. Remember that the better in better nutrition stands for better be delicious (to you), better be doable, and better be based on you, today. So confidently make the choices that are better for you.

What about Mediterranean diet supplements? Better supplements can be a great way to get in the nutrients that make the Mediterranean Diet a health win. Visit the Better Nutrition Supplement Store to see our approved choices.