Better Liquid Nutrition Guide


Why better liquid nutrition?

There is better liquid nutrition and there is not better. When you make better liquid nutrition choices your body requires less digestive work to get key nutrients it needs to run better does.

When is better liquid nutrition better?

Better liquid nutrition can be a better choice when your body needs to focus on healing, when you experience any stress – good or bad – which diverts attention away from digestion, and post event when you need to replenish stores of nutrients quickly and efficiently.

Get this guide to discover what makes liquid nutrition better. 

Whether you are purchasing ready-made liquids or making them yourself, this guide will help you identify the ingredients and amounts for your better liquid nutrition choice.


Want to make better liquid nutrition choices?

Your better liquid nutrition should balance of nutrients like non-starchy vegetables, proteins, fats and carbohydrates.  If it doesn’t provide all of these or if you are enjoying liquids with solids, your total nutrition should deliver this balance.

Do my liquids have to be only from plants? 

Better nutrition better be plant-based as well as delicious and doable. Often liquids are the easy way to help get in more plants. Use the better plant-based nutrition guide to help you avoid common plant-based diet mistakes.

How can I make better liquid nutrition choices taste good?

What tastes good to you is different than what your friend or partner likes and can be different depending on the season or your current health. Follow this guide and use the better nutrition recipes for some examples of smoothies, soups, and other liquids.