Better Caffeine Evaluation


Your cup(s) of Joe a friend or foe?
Caffeine can be very helpful and even healthful, but it can also make some health issues worse or keep you from your better health goal(s). Use this better nutrition caffeine evaluation to see if your current total caffeine is better for your body.
How does the better nutrition caffeine evaluation work?
Because there are many ways to get in caffeine – foods, supplements, drinks, medications – you need to assess all of them to see in what forms, how much and how often you give your body caffeine. The better nutrition caffeine evaluation is the first and only tool to help you assess your total caffeine intake.


Is your daily caffeine intake helping or keeping you from your better health goal(s)?
Acid-forming but antioxidant rich, may trigger cortisol, may boost metabolism, sprayed with herbicides, helps your liver detoxify … it sure is confusing to know if caffeine is better. Use the Better Nutrition Caffeine Evaluation to assess your current caffeine intake to see if it is better for your body, mind, and health goal(s).
What caffeine choices are better for your body?
It depends on your current health, medications, and health goal(s), but there are some caffeine choices that are never better choices. Use the Better Nutrition Caffeine Evaluation to see which ones you should eliminate and upgrade to better choices, more often.
How much caffeine can you have daily?
Again, it depends on many things but the Better Nutrition Caffeine Evaluation will help you assess the amount you are currently taking in to see if it is better, or not, and provide suggestions for better choices.
Are caffeine supplements ok?
Maybe. It will depend on the results of your Better Nutrition Caffeine Evaluation. Sign up for The Better Nutrition Supplement Store to get access to our approved products and recommendations.