Get BNP’s CGM Program to Help More Patients Get & Stay Healthy in 2022

In 2022, you need to SHOW your patients how ALL their choices – foods, drinks, supplements, stress, hormones, digestion, fitness etc. ALL affect their blood sugar. Then you need to SHOW them what they need for better health and how to make their better choices, more often. AND you need to compete versus companies selling CGMs, supplements, and tests direct to consumers – excluding you!

We’re making it so easy for you the practitioner to do ALL of this!

Whether you currently use CGMs or are interested, join Ashley Koff RD and Meg Moreta RD CDCES in January to get trained in a game-changing new program you can use with your patients – to attract new ones and to build better retention with existing patients!

Hurry! Space IS limited. Early bird ends 12/31 (use code BNPcgm100 to save $100)

NOTE: BNP members save $200 & can invite 3 patients!

Personalizing Blood Sugar with a Continuous Glucose Monitor Program

January 10-24th 2022

*Recordings will be available for those unable to attend live sessions

**Program price does not include CGM (May use insurance w/Rx from MD or buy for <$100)

***EARLY BIRD PRICING THROUGH 12/31; Space is limited

Looking for A Way to Get Better Outcomes & More Profits in 2022?

Whatever their goal – better energy, fewer cravings, better moods, better health or a healthier practice – better health demands a personalized nutrition plan that optimizes their blood sugar (i.e., Time in Range)

There is no program like this one.

Leading experts in personalized nutrition and optimizing blood sugar have come together to create a program for practitioners that empowers you to help your patients understand how ALL their choices affect their blood sugar. Help them make better choices, more often, and SHOW them the different ways they should work with you all year to get and stay healthy!

The Details:

14 Days, live & recorded sessions, personalized support

  • Before Day 1: Participant get their CGM device (prior to January 10th)
  • Day 1: Participant applies their CGM & wears it for 14 days
  • Day 2: All participants can attend a live session on January 11th at 2pm EST (or watch recording)
  • Day 3: Practitioners Only attend a live session (or watch recording) on January 12th 7pm EST
  • Day 10: All participants can attend a live session on January 19th 7pm EST (or watch recording)
  • Day 11-14: Practitioners and patients meet to discuss results & build their roadmap
  • Day 14: You start making your better choices powered by personalized data from your CGM!

Join Us Today!

BNP Members use your discount code to save & you can invite (3) patients!

Learn From the Pros!

Meg Moreta has been the primary dietitian for my patients for the last 20 years. I can’t begin to express how knowledgeable and effective she is.  I trust her advice completely, whether it is the recommendations she gives to someone who needs to lose weight or to someone who needs to learn the details of complex carbohydrate counting in combination with a gluten-free diet. I have been part of the committee that writes the Annual ADA Standards of Care and have had the privilege to work with the leaders in the field of diabetes and nutrition.  Meg is every bit as good as they are and has always kept up with the newest recommendations and research.  For patients with the simplest to the most complex nutritional needs, Meg has always found a way to help.  She teaches me all the time.  Meg is as good as it gets, and I unequivocally recommend her.  

Anne Peters, MD Director, USC Clinical Diabetes ProgramProfessor of Clinical Medicine, Keck School of Medicine of USC

In addition to the done-for-me evaluations and handouts, I have so appreciated the opportunity to see Ashley “in action” via the programs she runs and actually be part of the group. Her energy is contagious. The office hours that I have been able to view have been incredibly helpful. The way she chunks down information and encourages putting it into action really help to simplify my process and strategize growth as I put pins in the “for later” actions to implement.

Michele Rudolphi MS RD CLT


Meg Werner Moreta, MS RD CDE

About Meg Moreta MS RD CDCES

As a Registered Dietitian with over 26 years of experience, Meg is dedicated to educating her patients on the importance of a healthy approach to diet, and why a balanced lifestyle is vital to healthy aging and well-being for patients of all ages. Meg received her BS in Nutritional Science at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, California. She continued her training and completed her dietetic internship at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey, receiving her Master’s in Human Nutrition at the University of New Haven in Connecticut. After being a clinical dietitian on the East Coast, Meg began practicing at the Cedars-Sinai Diabetes Outpatient Treatment and Education Center in Los Angeles, where she was honored in 2001 with the President’s Award for Excellence. She then took her expertise to the Westside Center for Diabetes. Meg resides in Los Angeles with her Husband, Dr. Luis Moreta-Sainz, and her two, daughters, Gabrielle and Madeline.

Ashley Koff RD

About Ashley Koff RD:

A successful integrative nutrition practitioner for over 20+ years, Ashley Koff RD helped thousands of people reach their health goals with personalized total nutrition plans. Today, Koff runs The Better Nutrition Program to empower practitioners to offer personalized nutrition recommendations to optimize patient outcomes while realizing the goals for their practices. The Better Nutrition Program features The BNP Toolkit™ the proven system for personalization with 100+ cutting-edge protocols, assessment, engagement, and marketing tools as well as numerous turnkey programs. An accomplished author, speaker, media expert, spokeswoman and activist, Koff hosts My Better Nutrition, an Alexa skill, co-hosts the podcast Take Out with Ashley & Robyn, is an advisor for Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition’s Food and Entrepreneurship program, a partner at BeyondBrands, an advisor for Victress Capital and an advisory board member for The Partnership for Healthier America. She’s a passionate basketball fan, relearning the trumpet, and loves outdoor adventures as much as her espresso CBD Koff-tado.

How Do I Get a CGM? How Much Does It Cost? Can I Use An Rx?

As a practitioner, we recommend getting your doctor or nurse practitioner to write you a prescription for one. This is a great business opportunity too – let them know you will have a program in 2022 for their other patients (and if you are a BNP member you have 3 slots to fill too :). If you are a patient, work with your practitioner to get yours. See some options below.

1. Free Trial with Libre sensor:   Fill out the information on FreeStyle.Abbott  you will need Rx from MD or NP for Libre Sensor but you don’t need any documentation of diabetes to get an Rx.  Receive voucher to pickup free Libre sensors at the pharmacy.
2. CGM Sensor:  You can purchase one from  by filling out form and you will have a quick virtual session with their MD (for approval only) – Cost $95.00 
3. Medicare CGM Sensor:  Need Rx from MD or NP and you will need documentation of having diabetes, as well as notes.

CGM Devices 

CGM DevicesCost /SensorAppLength of SensorPrescription
Free Style Libre$90Free10 daysYes
Free Style Libre 2*$124.36Free14 daysYes
Dexcom G6$$$$Free14 days Yes
AgelessRx.comUses Libre$90 one-time purchaseFree14 days Free medical evaluation

Free Style Libre – Walmart: sensor $35.99 and reader device (one time purchase) is $69.99

Free Style Libre 2* – without health insurance is $481.58 for the starter kit. You can use get a discount using a SingleCare Free Style sensor coupon to pay $124.36.

CGM Subscription (we don’t recommend these for our workshop) 

CGM DeviceCostAppLength of SensorPrescription
Nutri SenseFor price – submit a requestFree once you’re a member14 daysNo
January – Season of me$388/monthYes14 daysNo