The Better Nutrition Program FAQs

Better Nutrition Program FAQs are our attempt to address the most common questions (FAQs) about our tools and services.

1. What is The Better Nutrition Program?

We help you and your patients efficiently assess their total nutrition so you have the critical, personal data you need for developing better recommendations. If you are a patient, we can also connect you with practitioners who use our tools – check out our provider referral network.

2. What are Better Nutrition Tools?

Better nutrition tools are the first and only tools to assess total nutrition – food, beverages, supplements, medications – as well as current health and lifestyle for a more complete patient profile. They complement your other assessments to help determine if your client’s current nutrition needs adjustments to help their body run better. We provide evaluations, guides, menus, journal and better nutrition plan as well as some business tools for practitioners.

3. What is The Better Nutrition Shop?

Your one-stop shop for the better nutrition assessment tools. As a practitioner, when you purchase the shop of tools you get everything you need to assess your client’s total nutrition as well as ready-made lead magnets and referral generators. Purchasing the shop is the ONLY way to get the Practitioner Version of the better nutrition evaluations which now include a notes page for you to add your recommendations and links, and do not include hyperlinks or other expert recommendations. Additionally, your purchase includes a private training session with award-winning better nutrition expert Ashley Koff RD, 15% off new tools for a year, and routine updates (at least one time annually) of your tools. You also become a member of our Provider Referral Network for clients, businesses, and feature throughout our marketing (social media, newsletter, etc.).

4. What Are The Better Nutrition Packages Like “Gut Instinct”? And what do I do with them?

Our packages are curated to provide you The Better Nutrition Tools and suggested order of use for common conditions and health goals. Sure you can buy the tools separately, they just cost less and you get a session roadmap when you purchase them as a package.

5. Can I share these tools or my results with my doctor?

Yes you can and yes you should! That goes extra especially YES YOU SHOULD for healthcare providers because not only do you quarterback the nutrition efforts, it alerts any other patient team member to the assessment services you provide.

6. What is The Better Nutrition Provider Affiliate Program? Are there ways to share your tools with my patients/clients?

Are you currently working with individuals and groups to help them achieve their better health goals? THANK YOU! We want to help your better nutrition business be as successful as possible. You can apply to join The Better Nutrition Affiliate Program to share better nutrition tools with your clients and community. And make better money doing it! For every affiliate purchase you make 50% commission (now that is better!) and there are no minimum sales.

7. Where can I log in to review my purchases, my account, or logout?

You can do that and so much more right here.

8. I heard you speak at an event and would like to have you come talk to my group, how do I schedule that?

Thank you! Our Better Nutrition Workshops can be held in person or via-Skype (for convenience, because we know life gets busy!). For inquiries please contact

9. I can’t afford anything you are selling, can you help me for FREE?

You bet! I created lots of better tools that are free so that anyone can start to make better nutrition choices more often. Check out the better freebies, better blogs, and better recipes section. You can also text BETTERNUTRITION to 44222 to begin and get your free better nutrition guide!

10. I purchased the Better Nutrition Membership and got a receipt from ‘BundlePod LLC’ is this incorrect?

From March 2016 through April 19, 2017 BundlePod LLC was handling the financial transactions and technology for the website(s) known as, and for The Better Nutrition Membership. If you need more information, please email

11. I signed up or bought something by mistake or it isn’t what I wanted, how can I get a refund?

There are no refunds after purchase of our better nutrition digital tools like the evaluations, menus, guides, The Better Nutrition Packages, The Better Nutrition Plan, The Better Nutrition Journal or The Road Trip to Better Health or other course(s). Happy to discuss your personal situation though, just email us:

12. I would love to intern or work for you!

That’s awesome! We love to hear from individuals who are passionate about enabling better health for others. Let a member of the Better Nutrition Team know more about you and your interest by sending us a note here.

13. My question is not addressed here.

We tried to make a list of questions that we get frequently, but we are better not perfect, so this list may not address your question. Thankfully, we can easily connect! Please send me and a member of the Better Nutrition Team a message here. We make every effort to respond within 48 business hours and if you feel that your need is time sensitive please note that in the subject line.