Frequently Asked Questions

We tried to make a list of questions that we get frequently, but we are better not perfect, so this list may not address your question. Thankfully, we can easily connect! Please contact us here or message us in the pop up chat. In chat we are available during normal business hours, but if we don’t respond right away we will get back to you within 12 business hours. If email and messaging aren’t the best for you, we understand sometimes you just want to talk to someone. Feel free to give us a call at 614-957-1500.

I need help picking the better program or coaching package.

Great! We would love to help you – human to human 🙂 You can contact us via the chat right now & someone will be able to help you with your choice (8am-5pm EST live). You can also email our clinical team at

Do I have to have my doctor refer me into a program?

No you can pick a program that matches your goal(s) and get started with our team right now. We do love looping your practitioner(s) in – doctors, therapists, trainers, nutritionists – to help you get better results today & in the future so if you are open we will reach out to them for you or share with you a report from your program that you can share with them. #BetterTogether

What if I don’t like my coach?

No worries! That is why we do a Meet ‘N Greet. If you aren’t vibing with your coach or don’t feel the respect you deserve, please let us know asap! Send an email to and we can try another coach as well as collect any feedback so we are able to make sure we can improve these experiences 

I purchased and didn’t receive instructions on how to get into the app to begin my program. 

If you haven’t received an email, take a look in your spam or promotions folder. Still not finding it? Send us an email at and let us know you didn’t receive instructions and we are more than happy to help! You can also chat us right now so we can help you get the issue addressed.

What if I would like to add more coaching to my program?

Reach out to your coach (or your practitioner if they referred you into the program – otherwise, our team will connect with them when we get your request via your coach) and let them know you would like to meet more often during your program! We have coaching packages that can be added to your program. You can also email

After purchasing, when do I get started? 

You can get started right away by signing into the app! We recommend this first step to connect with your coach. After you do that, you two can discuss your better start date based on your program and your schedule as well as if there is anything you need to get or do before starting. We require your starting within 30 days of purchase unless your coach and BNP reviews and we all agree on a better start date after that time.

What supplements do I need before I start? 

It depends on the program you are in, and what your referring practitioner recommended or if you signed up yourself, we may have The BNP Clinical Team™ review. your existing supplements as part of your program.Some programs include suggested or required supplements or other supplies/labs are The BNP Continuous Glucose Monitor Program, Digestive Tune Up, Microbiome Optimizer and Blood Sugar Optimizer. You can find what you need on those pages or you can message us to find out what is needed.

Are the programs self paced? 

Yes, well sort of 😉 When you get started you and your coach will map out a plan for your live sessions and confirm your program start day. Once you start the program continues on a daily basis until the conclusion of the new content and live coaching / messaging portion as well as access to the clinical team group live sessions. At that time, you will determine what is better for you in terms of adding continued support or an additional program or continuing on your own with access to your content for a full year 12 months).

Can I do a program if I am outside the US?

Currently our programs are in English only but if you are comfortable with English-speaking then yes we’d love to help you. For programs that include or suggest supplements you would be responsible for serving them yourself.

What kind of time commitment will I have to make?

Each program is different. You can see on the programs page how long the program runs. We would suggest taking 5-10 minutes each day to go over that day’s content 

What happens after I get into the app?

When you get into the app, you will be sent two cards. The goal of these two cards are to welcome you and get you set up with your coach and schedule a meet and greet.  You won’t actually begin your program itself until the Meet N Greet happens. After meeting your coach, you will begin the program or decide on a better time for you to begin. 

Do I have to change my diet or take/buy supplements during my program?

At BNP, we believe in the power of personalization: figuring out what your body needs (or doesn’t) to run better and helping you discover choices that are deliciously doable (or just doable in the case of lifestyle). That may mean that you decide you want to add or remove foods and supplements based on what you discover but that’s your choice. For some of our programs, supplements or specific nutrition choices are recommended. Again, this is your choice. In all cases, if your practitioner prescribed something we recommend continuing it unless you invite us to discuss with them or you do so with information we provide. Any questions? You can email us or chat us right now 🙂

I am not a dietitian, can I still use these tools?

Since assessment is in every practitioner’s scope of practice, our tools are designed to support every practitioner and their patients. We have many members and Toolkit owners who are not dietitians.

Do I still have access to my tools after my membership is canceled? 

The tools are yours for life – once you download them from your account! To continue to have access to the tools, you must download all the tools from your account before canceling your membership. You will not be able to access them online with an inactive membership.

Do I have to pay for new tools after I am a member?

Once you purchase you will only receive the new tools released during an active membership.  All Toolkit purchases receive a free 30 day trial of the membership. If you decide to cancel  you need to download all your tools in order to be able to access your tools. You will not receive new tools released or any updates to the tools after your membership expires. 

Can I add my business information and logo to the tools and programs?

Yes, you can add your logo on the tools and programs as long as our logo is not obstructed. You must keep our logo, the disclaimer and copyright on all materials. You can also add your business information to the editable notes section in the practitioner evaluations, menus and some guides. Don’t worry, step by step instructions on how to do this in the instructional video library. 

After purchasing, what if I want to cancel?

All purchases are final. If you would like to cancel your membership, you will still have access to all the tools/events during your trial or the month you purchased but you are still responsible for the remaining balance on your membership. We do not offer refunds.

After I cancel, what if I want to rejoin the monthly membership?

No problem! You already purchased the toolkit so no need to purchase again! If it’s been less than a year, you can rejoin for a $99 restart fee or if it has been longer than a year, it is a $497 restart fee. These restart fees cover the additional tools and content added to the toolkit while you were away. Email to get a coupon to restart.