The Better Nutrition Program FAQs

Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) for The Better Nutrition Program.

1. What is The Better Nutrition Program?

The better nutrition program provides tools to help you get better health powered by better total nutrition. Today there are a lot of ways you can get in nutrients, but for your body to get and stay healthy, you must give it the nutrients it needs to run better more often. These are the first and only tools that help you assess all the different ways you are taking in nutrients at one time. Now that’s better!

2. What are Better Nutrition Tools?

Better nutrition tools are the first and only tools that assess current total nutrition – food, beverages, supplements, medications – as well as current health and lifestyle to determine if what a person is taking in more often is giving their body what it needs to run better. These tools are intended to complement labs, numbers, and other testing or clinical observations to help you build your better health plan powered by better nutrition.

3. What is The Better Nutrition Shop?

Your one-stop shop for the better nutrition tools that will help you review your current choices to see what is better (yay! Keep those!) and what could be better to help you enjoy better health. We all learn differently, have different needs and goals. So, The Better Nutrition Shop delivers tools in several different ways – some you can do on your own or with your healthcare team member, others include working with us, and others can be great for groups.

4. What Are The Better Nutrition Packages Like “Gut Instinct”? And what do I do with them?

For our bodies to run better, we need to identify what they need, then decide how to get it in, more often. Beyond labs, genetic testing, scales and equations, you need to know if your body has what it needs today, to do all of its work better. Packages are curated to provide you The Better Nutrition Tools to review your current choices – what goes in and on your body more often (food, supplements, medications, skincare etc.) – your current health and lifestyle to see what adjustments can help you get your better health results. You deserve better!

5. Can I share these tools or my results with my doctor?

Yes you can and yes you should! With anyone helping you achieve your better health goals. It’s as easy as forwarding your results via email and it will help them help you get better results. So, you purchase the package, use the tools, share your results and get started addressing what the tools showed you could be better.

6. What is The Better Nutrition Provider Affiliate Program? Are there ways to share your tools with my patients/clients?

Are you currently working with individuals and groups to help them achieve their better health goals? THANK YOU! We want to help your better nutrition business be as successful as possible. Work better with better nutrition tools today! As part of The Better Nutrition Affiliate Program you are invited to share better nutrition tools with your clients, join our private Facebook group, eligible to participate in BNP events and share your business with our community. And make better money doing it! For every affiliate purchase you make 50% commission (now that is better!) and there are no minimum sales.

7. I have tried (and failed) so many diets and programs, how can better nutrition tools help me?

You haven’t failed (repeat: I am not a failure 10 times fast)! Those diets and programs weren’t better for you, because it is unlikely they were built for and with you. Work better with better nutrition tools and get the better health results you deserve. Better nutrition tools help you build your better nutrition plan so that you can keep what is already better (yeah you are already doing a lot better!) and focus on what needs attention. Now that’s better!

8. Where can I log in to review my purchases, my account, or logout?

You can do that and so much more right here.

9. I bought The Better Nutrition Plan, now what?

Let’s use it so you start to get the better nutrition your body needs to run better. The plan is a PDF that you can type on with your computer. If you are like me and still prefer to write with pen and paper, print it out and get to work! Listen here as Ashley explains how to use the plan to build your better nutrition plan and start getting better results!

10. I bought The Better Nutrition Journal, now what?

Yay, you are one step closer to better health! Use this journal to track how you are eating, feeling, doing each day so you can see what is already better (keep that!) and what could be better. We track your typical day, not-so-typical day and your play day (if you don’t know what this is, let’s talk!). This tool is designed to be shared with your better health team members like your trainer, coach, and doctors so they can see your efforts and help you do better too! If you are taking supplements, make sure to note them and consider getting The Better Supplement Package so we can help you make sure your investment (supplements cost $$) is better for your body and for your wallet!

11. What Online Courses or Webinars Do You Offer?

We offer a variety of courses that help you, your clients, your students get and keep better health, powered by better nutrition, by making better choices more often. Check them out here and let us know if you are interested in reviewing them or sharing them as we have discounts and packages for promotional and educational purposes. Email us at

12. I have ______________ (disease, condition, fear, health challenge) can you help me?

Likely. As dietitians, we work with many patients whose current or prior health issues range from well-known and very rare ones. We offer packages that are tailored to specific diseases like diabetes/pre-diabetes, auto-immune diseases, heart health/cholesterol as well as customizable options so you can tailor the package to your health condition (we are happy to help you pick your better nutrition DIY package items). Our online courses also cover a wide range of health conditions which previous clients have found to be helpful especially if you like more detail and the course format. Don’t see what you need or overwhelmed by the options in The Better Nutrition Shop? You can email us for help or schedule a personal better consult with a member of the Better Nutrition Team.

13. I am allergic to many foods; can you help me?

You bet. Whether food allergies, food intolerances, or environmental allergies are keeping you from better health, The Better Nutrition Plan, The Better Nutrition Packages and The Better Nutrition Subscription are designed to discover your better not perfect choices (from the foods and supplements that are better for your body) today. Often there is healing work to do too, so that means the digestive health assessment is a better place to start, check out the Gut Instinct package too (it’s included in your better nutrition subscription along with all the other tools).

14. I heard you speak at an event and would like to have you come talk to my group, how do I schedule that?

Thank you! Our Better Nutrition Workshops can be held in person or via-Skype (for convenience, because we know life gets busy!). We speak to the key components of how to build your better nutrition plan and tips/tools on how to make better choices more often. For inquiries please contact

15. Do you work with kids?

Yes! We are passionate about helping kids and parents, get the better nutrition their bodies need to run better (and better be delicious, too!). We created a customized Kids package with the tools to help you and incorporate better nutrition choices, more often. You can also schedule a consult with one of the Better Nutrition Program Dietitians.

16. Do you work with schools?

You bet we do! We love Skyp’ing into schools to talk better nutrition. Let a member of The Better Nutrition Team know that you are interested in a workshop for your school (kids, teachers or parents) and they will send you more information.

17. I can’t afford anything you are selling, can you help me for FREE?

You bet! I created lots of better tools that are free so that anyone can start to make better nutrition choices more often. Check out the better freebies, better blogs, and better recipes section. You can also text BETTERNUTRITION to 44222 to begin and get your free better nutrition guide!

18. I purchased the Better Nutrition Membership and got a receipt from ‘BundlePod LLC’ is this incorrect?

From March 2016 through April 19, 2017 BundlePod LLC was handling the financial transactions and technology for the website(s) known as, and for The Better Nutrition Membership. If you need more information, please email

19. I signed up or bought something by mistake or it isn’t what I wanted, how can I get a refund?

We want you to be happy, and we also want to reduce stress for all of us, so we have a one-time 24-hour cancellation (request should be made by email) from the time of purchase of The Better Nutrition Subscription. There are no refunds after purchase of digital tools like The Better Nutrition Packages, The Better Nutrition Plan, The Better Nutrition Journal or The Road Trip to Better Health or other course(s). This may seem harsh but as a business, we try to have better rules and since these are immediately usable this seems fair. Happy to discuss your personal situation though, just email us at

20. I would love to intern or work for you!

That’s awesome! We love to hear from individuals who are passionate about enabling better health for others. Let a member of the Better Nutrition Team know more about you and your interest by sending us a note here.

21. My question is not addressed here.

We tried to make a list of questions that we get frequently, but we are better not perfect, so this list may not address your question. Thankfully, we can easily connect! Please send me and a member of the Better Nutrition Team a message here. We make every effort to respond within 48 business hours and if you feel that your need is time sensitive please note that in the subject line.