Frequently Asked Questions

We tried to make a list of questions that we get frequently, but we are better not perfect, so this list may not address your question. Thankfully, we can easily connect! Please contact us here.

Which offering is best for me and my business?

Check out our products on our membership page here. Still have questions, schedule a demo to see a preview of our tools and what our membership offers. The BNP Toolkit™ helps practitioners who are looking for done-for-you tools and don’t need any help. The BNP Membership gives you the tools and support to put the tools into practice and gives you group mentorship sessions to get help in your business.

I am not a dietitian, can I still use these tools?

Since assessment is in every practitioner’s scope of practice, our tools are designed to support every practitioner and their patients. We have many members and Toolkit owners who are not dietitians.

How does BNP help me grow my business?

So many ways! Just two of the many examples include using the cutting-edge tools as part of your existing marketing or use your initial and weekly sessions with Ashley Koff RD and our team to improve your marketing efforts with a strategic plan personalized for your business goal(s) .Want to learn more Schedule a demo to connect with Ashley and our team.

Do I have to pay for new tools after I am a member?

If you purchase the BNP Toolkit™ you will only receive the new tools released within the first 30 days of your purchase. When you select a membership, you receive all new tools released, any updates, and the yearly tool update during your active membership.

What Kind of Expert Guidance & Support do you offer?

The BNP Membership offers customer support, 2 live sessions a month, one work session with Ashley Koff RD and one with a guest expert and access to all educational videos in the video library.

What is the Provider Referral Network?

The BNP Membership includes a business listing in our provider referral network where we send you patient referrals, as well as direct media inquiries, brand and public relations executives collaboration requests. 

Can I add my business information and logo to the tools and programs?

Yes, you can add your logo on the tools and programs as long as our logo is not obstructed. You must keep our logo, the disclaimer and copyright on all materials. You can also add your business information to the editable notes section in the practitioner evaluations, menus and some guides. Don’t worry, step by step instructions on how to do this in the instructional video library.  

If I purchase one of the offerings, can I upgrade to another membership?

Absolutely! Send us an email at and we will determine the price based on when you choose to upgrade during your year. 

Do I still have access to my tools after my membership expires? 

If you choose a membership and choose not to renew after your year is up, you will still have access to the tools that came with your membership. The tools are yours for life! After your membership expires though, you will not receive any future updates to the tools. 

Do I get the upgraded tools after my membership expires?

If you choose not to renew your membership after your year is up, you will still have access to the tools, menus and evaluations but you will not receive any updates or new tools after your membership has expired.

What’s the difference between The BNP Toolkit™ and The BNP Toolkit™?

They are the same! As our business grew, we realized that we are so much more than a shop of tools, we are a toolkit that helps you do all the things your business needs to run better. These days you will see The BNP Toolkit™ on our site and in our materials but we may have missed a spot or you may have purchased The BNP Toolkit™ … either way, your business has what you need for more wins!

What payment options do you offer?

The BNP Membership and BNP Masters both have a quarterly payment option. Please note by choosing a payment plan, you agree to complete all payments in your calendar year. 

If I buy with the payment plan do I have access to all my tools and the services right away? 

Once you make your first payment, even with the payment plan, you will receive access to ALL benefits of that membership immediately.

I have a discount code, how do I use it?

Congratulations! Someone thinks you are awesome 🙂 Enter the code at checkout and it will update the amount in the cart. 

I am being charged tax, why is that? 

Many states now require sales tax for purchases of digital downloads so our system applies the tax based on your purchase information. 

How do I renew my membership? 

When your membership is about to end, be on the lookout for an email from us with options to renew. 

After purchasing, what if I want to cancel?

All purchases are final. If you would like to cancel your membership, you will still have access to all the tools/events during your calendar year but you are still responsible for the remaining balance on your membership. 

Can I talk to a human about the memberships?

If you have a question we have not addressed here, please send us a message here. We make every effort to respond within 24 business hours and if you feel that your need is time sensitive please note that in the subject line.

I tried to purchase but I can’t get the order to process? 

That’s not better! We recommend trying one more time. Sometimes technology isn’t as great as a human being, right? If not, please email us here and we will take care of it manually.

What practice management tools do you integrate with seamlessly?

We currently integrate seamlessly with Fullscript, Practice Better, BodySite, Simple Practice and Healthie but are always working on expanding to make our tools integrate with others as well so let us know if there’s one you work with that’s not listed here. All our evaluations are currently in Practice Better and Healthie and available for BNP Membership and BNP Masters. 

Do you have tools in different languages?

All of our tools are in English, but we do offer a few in Spanish as well. We plan to expand that effort too and would love to discuss other languages. 

Can your tools and programs be used in other countries?

Absolutely! We love helping practitioners all over the world grow their businesses. Currently, practitioners from Canada, UK, South Africa, Brazil, and Australia use our program.