How to see if you suffer from INFObesity in 3 easy steps

Do you suffer from INFObesity?

INFObesity is the disease of too much information.

If you’ve got it, it is keeping you from your better health. The good news? INFObesity is one of the few medical conditions you can self-diagnose and address easily. So there’s no reason to suffer from INFObesity any longer.

Stop Reading Right Now if you know you’ve got this disease and you just want the tool to help you get rid of it! – Yep you’ve got too much nutrition and health information in your head. – You know that this INFO is not helping you; And you worry it is actually keeping you from getting healthy. No, you don’t have time to learn about INFObesity. You just need to get better. Stop reading this and get the exercise(s) that will help you get rid of your INFObesity so you can enjoy your better health.

Are you unsure if your nutrition and health information load is unhealthy for you? Keep reading.

What is INFObesity?

Too much – even of a good thing – is too much. Just ask your digestive system if you eat a bowl of broccoli or go back for seconds or thirds of the kale caesar with wild salmon. Healthy foods? Yep. Too much for your body to handle at once? You betcha.

Taking in too much information is like eating too much fat. While some information is needed, even essential, for our bodies to run better, too much overwhelms, weighs down, and interferes with our body (and mind) running better.

Ashley Koff RD, on INFObesity

So if you are taking in too much nutrition and health information – your INFOload is making you unhealthy. You suffer from INFObesity.

That’s really bad news.

An unhealthy INFOload creates decision fatigue. When fatigued, you are more likely to make bad or less good choices, to not make a choice at all, and to stress about your choices.

So your unhealthy INFOload creates more stress. More stress is not better, ever. Net, net, INFObesity harms you because it triggers you to waste resources (time, money, effort) on quick fixes or, even worse, to give up.

How do we become INFObese?

Ashley Koff RD asking audience what they want audience says better health
We all want better health. If we have it we want to keep it or we are trying so hard to get it!

We all know that better nutrition helps us get and stay healthy.

So we seek (Google, WebMD, Dr Oz Show, Instagram, Tufts Nutrition Newsletter, GOOP…) better nutrition and health information… and we share that information.

And then we get and we share and we seek some more…

And then we get and we share then we seek and we share, and we seek and we share and…  

We become INFObese.

And INFObesity – too much information – keeps us from our real goal: better health.

So, do you suffer from INFObesity?

Here are the 3 easy steps to find out if you have it:

  1. Cut a hole in the box….
Justin timberlake cut a hole in the box
OMG do you remember this one.? Thank you PEOPLE magazine via Pinterest, thought we needed the laugh 😉
  1. Grab the Road Trip to Better Health workbook & audio course to get the INFObesity exercise and guidance from Ashley Koff RD. BONUS: not only will you see if you have INFObesity, but you will get the help you need to get rid of it (for good if you follow the instructions).
  2. Make time right now or calendar your time to do the exercise [Pro Tip: ask someone to hold you accountable – maybe they have INFObesity and want you both want to commit to getting rid of it together].
  3. Do the exercise. Get real clarity on the quality and size of your current INFOload, then make it better! Don’t worry about knowing how. The course gives you expert, personalized guidance (afterall, it’s your Road Trip).

Are you making someone else INFObese?

Hey you – yeah you well-intentioned health enthusiast or healthcare practitioner – we are talking to you. You may have the BEST quality information, you may even know what someone could and should be doing (or stop doing) to help them enjoy better health. But if you are sharing that information, you can be giving them INFObesity. And that is #NotBetter

Read here to make sure you empower your patients, clients, friends and colleagues instead of adding to their unhealthy INFOload.

Watch here as Ashley Koff RD reveals to healthcare practitioners our role in the INFObesity epidemic and what we need to do better.