The Continuous Glucose Monitor Workshop


SHOWcase the power of blood sugar regulation! This game-changing program will help you personalize patient recommendations for better results faster!



Whether you currently use CGMs or are interested, join Ashley Koff RD and Meg Moreta RD CDCES to get trained in a game-changing program you can use with your patients – to attract new ones and to build better retention with existing patients!

Whatever their goal – better energy, fewer cravings, better moods, better health or a healthier practice – better health demands a personalized nutrition plan that optimizes their blood sugar (i.e., Time in Range)

There is no program like this one.

Leading experts in personalized nutrition and optimizing blood sugar have come together to create a program for practitioners that empowers you to help your patients understand how ALL their choices affect their blood sugar. Help them make better choices, more often, and SHOW them the different ways they should work with you all year to get and stay healthy!