Introducing The Better Nutrition Program Memberships

An all-in-one system to grow your nutrition business!

The Better Nutrition Program Membership helps you develop and implement your strategy for targeted, consistent growth.

  • Industry-leading tools that deliver massive business growth opportunities.
  • Expert strategic guidance to personalize and optimize your business plan.

Sure, you could do it on your own.

But if you are consistently frustrated you aren’t where you want to be grab the whole enchilada to start growing better from day 1!

Bust Excuses. Hone Your Offers. Compete Better.

Get Nutrition Business Wins From Day One with the Taco Salad or Whole Enchilada Membership

What You GetTaco SaladWhole Enchilada
The Better Nutrition Program guides & menus XX
The Better Nutrition Digestive Tune-Up program (fully customizable slides, program videos to preview, and access to the group to see how the program is run)*XX
Enrollment in all upcoming The Better Nutrition Programs during your calendar yearXX
Access to The Better Nutrition Program Provider Facebook group for live and recorded trainings with industry expertsXX
Annual tools update (December) for your tools.XX
Free BNP Fullscript Store to customize for your businessXX
The Shop of Tools featuring over 100 eye-catching tools with industry-leading content*X
Any new tools released in your calendar year*X
All programs slides, fully customizable for your business*X
(3+) Done-for-you email nurture sequences X
(1) Individual on-boarding training session with Ashley Koff RDX
Weekly members-only business building virtual sessionsX
(4) quarterly business accelerator group sessions  X
(2) Networking sessions with media, PR agencies & brand reps X
Access to all programs – new & previously recorded – hosted by Ashley Koff RDX
Your own business listing in The Provider Referral NetworkX
Members only video library of live trainings, how-to videos, etc.X
The Virtual Business School all access passX
Your Better Business Investment$479/yr$3250/yr or $900/qtr
*YES you can add your logo(s) to tools & use them in your practice management software

Hungry for Success Like This?

Thank you so much for the introduction to ABC news – I really enjoyed being on the show and he invited me back on the spot – I think it was the cherry scone nut balls, though 🙂 I also wanted you to know that I’m using the protein and sugar evaluations at a WeWork presentation this week and have added the Digestive one as a baseline for my clients. They add a lot of value and are much appreciated.

Susanne Lovelle MD

I wanted to TY for the referral from NY!! She is doing phenomenal, losing lbs. and inches. Her body is transforming and we work together so well. TY TY TY!

Lori Koors DTR

I have used business coaches in the past however I felt there was a big part missing when I worked with these coaches and that was-ME. After following Ashley for some time on social media I reached out if she would ever provide mentoring. Ashley has a knack for seeing what your strongest attributes are and pushing you past your comfort zone. The experience she has brings an understanding of how to market your services in a corporate environment and in the social media environment. In my short time working with Ashley I have created 2 courses, preparing a workbook that potentially can profit from multiple revenue streams and became a subject matter expert for an international sports company.This is only in 3 months’ work with her!”

Rebecca McConville MS RD LD CSSD CEDRD

“I paid for the whole Ashley (The Shop of Tools) and it’s worth it. I wasted so much time over the last year. You can still personalize it all and make it for your business. She’s always there as a resource and has multiple trainings and programs to help you. You don’t have to do it alone.” — I should also add there are options to walk yourself through the BNP programs using Evals and tools even as a practitioner as a participant that is included. Since the BNP team is always looking at the most current research, you have the most recent research to share with your clients and yourself. It’s not just tools and content, you have a provider like a coach available to you. If any of you have paid for a business coach before you know the cost alone.

Kerry Mitchell RDN CLT LIfe Coach

“Your systems definitely help us!! Thanks for continuing to make our programs EVEN Better Xoxo”

The Nutrition Twins

Want it to be Easier, Better?

The tools help me make sure my clients continue to get the nutrition they need as I tweak their eating to achieve their weight loss goals. I love using the tools to help me zero in on what they be missing so that I can help them get it in via food.

Suzanne Healy CIHC, FDN-P

I am loving the tools. After virtual business school, I knew I had to have them. They are amazing. A wonderful breath of fresh air. I am already using them with my clients. So easy!

Meg Reichert MS

The better nutrition tools have simplified my virtual work flow! They are easy to use, appropriately worded for clients and Ashley has helped in every step of the way with guidance and support on how to use them, how to run programs, and how to determine proper client recommendations

Alma Simmons MS RD

I am so glad I invested in The Shop of Tools. Being able to have a consultation with Ashely was priceless. I was spinning my wheels trying to launch my first program and started to get frustrated. After speaking with Ashley, I gained so much clarity on what I needed to do to launch my first program successfully. Thank you, Ashley.

Rebecca Faulkner MD

Your information, style, presentation, etc. seems to mirror the ideas in my head, so why reinvent the wheel?

Diana Price MS RD

Just a quick THANK YOU for your time tonight!!!!!! My biggest take away is “I can do this”! It makes a difference being with like minded colleagues sharing their ideas and especially for your passion. It’s contagious!

Rosemary P Benjamin, RDN, LDN, CDCES, LDCES, NBC-HWC, ReCODE Practitioner

One of the best decisions I made this year was buying The Better Nutrition Program Shop of Tools. The tools are beautiful and amazing! I’m really enjoying your weekly “office hours” and being a part of the Provider Referral Network.

Meg Moreta MS RD CDE

The better digestive nutrition tools are very easy for my client to fill out and as a result she sent it back to me quickly and we were able to get moving forward with her recommendations. The thing I like about it is the way the questions are sub-categorized, which makes it easy to evaluate

Denise Lalonde RHN, CPT, best-selling author

Don’t Create Stuff. Create Your Better Nutrition Business Strategy.

We love to learn and we love to create.

And both make us really great.

But not at business.

For a consistently profitable business you need a better strategy.

Do you lack:

  • The Time
  • The Know-How
  • The Resources
  • The Confidence

to create yours?

We’ve got the tools and strategic support to overcome your growth obstacles?

Get out of your way.

Work Better, Not Harder.

Here’s How The Better Nutrition Program Memberships power your success:

  • Attract qualified leads with eye-catching, industry-leading nutrition tools!
  • Create lifelong customers with customizable programs, email templates and referral generating tools!
  • Leverage YOU better with strategic business support to drive your business growth
  • Get seen and paid more with introductions to media, brands, and public relations executives seeking expert practitioners!
  • Identify strategies that win from industry-leading marketers, coaches, strategists – we go outside our industry to help you compete better!

She did it first. Ready for this to be you?

Ashley Koff RD images on tv and magazines

Hi, I’m Ashley Koff RD a massively successful (on my terms, read below) integrative nutrition practitioner for over 20 years who has a super dark secret. Before I successfully sold better health powered by better nutrition I helped a global food company very successfully develop and sell sugared cereals to America by teaching them it was their better breakfast (insert “mea culpa” emoji).

Why is my dark secret my nutrition business super power and the secret sauce for The Better Nutrition Program’s system?

“Ashley how did you get on _? (Dr Oz, Good Morning America, The Today Show etc.)”

“Ashley, the way you market nutrition is genius – it’s so relatable!”

“Ashley, I”d love to work with brands, how do you get spokesperson deals?”

“I am so grateful to Ashley, she’s helped me grow my business so quickly – and it’s actually been fun!”

It’s no coincidence that I created The Better Nutrition Program tools and now the growth-creating system motivated practitioners like you should use to achieve your goals.

There I was living my best life but I was starting to feel the business burnout. My massive success – several 6 figure revenue, profitability, a seat at the most powerful tables, a regular resource for the national conversation on better health, being paid to travel and learn – wasn’t leaving me with all the winning feels.

I needed to spend less time in my business, I wanted to scale, I didn’t and don’t tolerate wasting my time, and I had tried all the resources that currently existed but didn’t help me get better. And I needed something fast because I was on-air for 4 reality TV shows, helping develop a new program for The Dr Oz Show (and implement it for >9000 in 3 Facebook groups), was a spokesperson for 5 national food and supplement brands, and was still seeing my clients – several of whom paid me to drop what I was doing and help them when they rang!

I knew there could be something better… so I created it.

The first tool was the magnesium evaluation and it upped my game from the G league to Playoff contender (yeah, I’m a ball-her …basketball is my jam). I showed my clients and I then I showed my colleagues how their total magnesium intake was insufficient. But even better? I showed them why their magnesium intake was insufficient or in some cases, why their intake was sufficient but other factors kept it from being sufficient for their body’s needs, today.

The response was so epic, I had to create a calcium evaluation, a magnesium menu, a calcium menu, and digestive evaluation and I had to revamp my signature Digestive Tune-Up program to use these tools to demonstrate outcomes, improve engagement and capture testimonials for future marketing, while also using the tools to customize supplement recommendations that generated more sales.

And The Better Nutrition Program was born. First, I sold the tools to consumers to help them get better care from their practitioners. But every person that bought tools wanted to work with me to help them use it (hint, hint). so I turned to my colleagues (YOU) with the thought that if I got you the tools you could help more patients than I ever could AND you could enjoy the business of your dreams.

We did just that. And then this February, pre-COVID, and almost two years in with loads of testimonials from practitioners using our tools, me and my team’s strategic support and network to grow their businesses, I new there was something even better…

“Any success begins with a better assessment and a personalized plan that guides choices, followed by re-assessment and refinement, to create ongoing wins. Better growth is systematic. Whether it is our patient’s or your business, a better system delivers better results.”

So I created The Better Nutrition Membership, specifically The Whole Enchilada, to get you the business growth you crave and the nutrition business of your dreams.

Are you ready to be massively successful?