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Better Nutrition Testimonials

“I love the men’s better nutrition evaluation! I’ve had over 30 guys use it so far and for every one of them we found something that could be better to help them win!”
Myles Spar, MD
“The quizzes are great! The magnesium quiz is a good conversation starter for patients and tool to use in the office when discussing if they might need a magnesium supplement (if their lab data / mg level is currently N/A).”
Ilene Cohen, MS, RDN, CDE, C-IAYT
Owner – PranaSpirit Nutrition & Wellness
“It’s really helpful to use the Better Nutrition Program tools to help me ensure my clients continue to get the nutrition they need as I tweak their eating to achieve their weight loss goals. I love using the tools to zero in on what they be missing so that I can help them get it in via food.” 
Suzanne Healy CIHC, FDN-P
Owner – BodyHeal Health Coaching
“I’m reading through all The Better Nutrition Program materials – they are beautiful, easy to follow & science- based.”
Meg Werner Moreta, MS RD CDE
Nutrition Consultant/Dietitian

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