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You are what BNP is all about

Truly personalized because no two people – or even one person all the time- need the same things.

A definition created by Ashley Koff RD, better nutrition for where you are now

Better Nutrition

It’s all about you–personalized nutrition solutions that fit into your daily life.

BNP is a strong support system through our coaches, community, care team and clinical team

Better Support

Knowing what you need is not the same as being able to make those choices, more often.

through BNP Experiments we receive better data to create you a more personalized plan

Better Data

What is your body trying to tell you? We help you decode its messages and gather actionable data.

we work off better results and better not perfect

Better Results

Win on your terms. Let’s work together to smash your goals for lasting results.

How to Smash Your Goals

(Hint: it’s deliciously doable)

Give your body what it needs to run better, today.


What to Eat

It better be delicious! Our nutrition plans, menus, guides plus insights from clinical teams and coaches help you identify and make your better choices, more often.


What to Take

What does your body need today to run better? Supplements like protein powder, fiber, and coffee mix-ins can optimize your body’s function. First, we look at what you are already doing better, then we assess what is needed to fill the gap.


What to Do

What’s better for my body? We help real people like you, to discover ways to get in movement that is better for you. Our resources help you understand which ones, why and how to evaluate while our clinical team and coaches can personalize your recommendations.

your better next steps for your health plan


What are Your Better Next Steps?

With insights from your coach and clinical team, we partner with you to prioritize your better next steps based on what is better for you today. Adapt your membership to ensure you always have the right level of support you need.


Nutritionist Guided Glucose Monitoring

working with the bnp clinical team to review your CGM data

Because there are 40+ factors that impact blood sugar and nutrition is only 10 of them. Let’s partner to discover your better choices!

  • We provide experiments to see how your body responds to different choices
  • We help you evaluate the 40+ factors to determine what helps your blood sugar get & stay optimal.
  • We handle the Rx, shipping the sensor to you, onboarding and tracking in our easy to use app.

Results You Can Feel

Take it from our members.

Discover Better, Not Perfect

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our BNP Health Memberships start for as low as $39 per month, depending on the resources and level of support selected. See offers and pricing here. Additional costs may apply for recommended supplements, labs or devices if you choose.

At BNP, our mission is to transform lives with truly personalized nutrition. We understand that your health journey is as unique as you are, which is why we personalize our membership to fit your individual needs. Our approach focuses on building healthy habits one step at a time, empowering you to achieve lasting results. With us, it’s not just about a one-size-fits-all plan; it’s about creating a personalized roadmap to better health that works for you.

At BNP, we offer flexible membership options to meet your evolving needs. Our memberships are fluid, allowing you to move seamlessly between them as needed. Upgrade for more support or opt for a lighter plan while still accessing valuable resources. We empower you to take control of your health journey on your terms, meeting you where you are today. You can view the different levels of membership here.

At this time, we operate on a cash-pay basis. However, we do accept Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) payments, providing you with flexibility in managing your healthcare expenses.

At BNP, we empower you to make better choices. You have the flexibility to enjoy your favorite foods while working towards your goals. We’ll guide you on how to incorporate deliciously doable options into your day and find a balance that suits your lifestyle. In our approach, there are no labels like ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods—only foods that nourish your body better.

Absolutely! BNP specializes in working with you to create a nutrition plan that can accommodate various dietary restrictions, preferences, and lifestyles. Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, or have other specific dietary needs, we can help.