Michele Rudolphi MS, RD, CLT


Michele Rudolphi MS, RD, CLT

As a functional nutrition and health coach with a background in integrative nutritional therapy, I accept the opportunity to team up with you on your journey towards better health. My approach is a holistic one - incorporating nutrition, movement, sleep optimization, and stress management. I focus on using whole food and corresponding target nutrients to help heal the body. Additionally, I work with you to develop a behavior change plan in order to adjust your health habits so that they work for, instead of against you. Together, we develop a strategy for you to reach sustainable success. I work with a variety of health conditions including autoimmune, IBS/IBD, migraines, fatigue, and those struggling to lose weight or who are experiencing a host of nagging symptoms and don't know where to begin. Let's team up and revive your health!

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Meet Better Nutrition Program Provider Michele Rudolphi MS, RD, CLT, the holistic dietitian.

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