Katie Chapmon, MS, RD

Katie Chapmon, MS, RD

Katie Chapmon, MS, RD

Katie Chapmon, MS, RD is an award-winning Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with specializing in Bariatric Surgery Nutrition, Digestive Issues and Hormonal Health and with 12+ years of hands-on experience.

If you:
- Have had or are considering bariatric surgery
- Experience bloating, discomfort or something just doesn't feel "right" with your digestion?
- Feel like you have hormone "stuff" going on or have been diagnosed with a hormone health issue (PCOS, endometriosis, etc)

You don't have to do this alone! If you experience one or all of these... I'm here to help. Together, we will deep dive into your concerns and develop an individualized lifestyle based plan for you.

I see clients in my virtual private practice and provide continuing education for integrated health providers. If you are ready to discover how incredible you can feel, book your 30 minute complimentary connection call at katiethedietitian.com

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