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With current trends in medicine, do you feel like you are just a number?

Historically, doctors knew their patients. They listened to you, they spent time with you, they likely even knew your family. On top of being your physician, they were your health coach; your advocate. While there have been great advancements in both treatments and technology, many patients continue to struggle. The relational, personalized approach of the past has been lost.

You will not be just a number with me.

I use a personalized, restorative, whole body approach. I work with you towards your health & wellness goals.

I am Dr. Jennifer Cardinal, located in Bethel, CT. I work with patients both near and far alike.

Whether you are seeking to get to the bottom of a chronic health condition, nutritional support or health & wellness coaching - I would love to come alongside you. Wherever you are at today, there is always hope. I am here to help. Let’s do this - together.

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Additionally, feel free to reach out to me, tell me your story and see if we are a good fit.

Dr. Jennifer

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