Aymee Perez, MS, PhD, CNS, FL-N/D

Happy and Healthy By Choice

Hi, I’m Aymee Perez and I am a certified nutrition specialist who has helped hundreds of women overcome hormone challenges.

To overcome hormone challenges, you’ll need someone you can count on along the way: 1) Someone with the expertise to figure out what create these imbalances – and address the underlying problem(s); 2) Someone with first-hand experience crafting personalized dietary regiments – based on your current eating habits, including dietary nutritional supplements, exercise and stress management; and 3) Someone to support you consistently and motivate you when the times get tough, to finally get you to the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Lucky for you, I have all three! I will help you reset your hormones, lose weight and keep it off, sleep better, control your stress, and get your energy back!

dry hair and skin
hair loss
hormone balance
hot flashes
mood swings
sugar cravings
weight loss resistance

Meet Better Nutrition Program Provider Aymee Perez, MS, PhD, CNS, FL-N/D.

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