Your Be Heart Healthy Nutrition Program


Ready to Run Your Be Heart Healthy Nutrition Program

This package gives you everything you need! The Be Heart Healthy Nutrition Program includes our Love Ya, Mean It package of tools and the slides that customize. Remove our logo, add yours, remove our (c) and add yours, update or change any of the content to what you feel comfortable and are excited to share and it’s GO TIME.

The slides propose a schedule, share challenges to promote engagement, and provide suggested content for each week of the program.  Just add you, your knowledge, and custom offers.

Looking for expert support to make your program even better?

Add a coaching session with Ashley Koff RD to your cart for all the behind the scenes support you need to make this program better  for your participants and your business. Ashley Koff RD developed and has run this program for over a decade. She’s a leading dietitian as well as educator of and consultant for practitioners. Want better results? Get expert training!


CreateYour Be Heart Healthy Nutrition Program

Your Be Heart Healthy Nutrition Program is ready-to-run. It just needs you and your special practitioner sauce. That’s right, grab this program to get the slides, the tools and tips to set up your program. And a BONUS tool to promote it – the Heart Healthy Guide. And don’t forget to get your private training session with Ashley Koff RD to help you implement the program better.

What do I do after I get the materials?

Reviews the slides and each tool. Next, edit the slides to remove our info and logos (read the notes to make sure you comply with legal copyrights etc.), add yours, and edit any content to customize this program. Review your content (recipes, blogs, videos, interviews etc.) and determine any discounts you want to offer as well. Looking for recipes to include? Check ours out here.

When should I run My Be Heart Healthy Nutrition Program?

As soon as you can! Running a program is the better way to learn. You can also consider running this program as part of a quarterly series of programs.  Grab our others if you want the ready-made options.  You could offer one annual price (for 4 tune-ups) or sell as an individual program.

Should I Do The Program on Facebook or Live?

Great question! A lot of factors go into where, when and how you choose to run a program. These are things that Ashley Koff RD can help you with when you book a training session with her specifically to develop your program.