Enjoy lasting relief from painful neuropathy symptoms and improve overall health when you identify and get help making your better food and lifestyle choices. The Total Neuropathy Solution™ Program which includes:
  • 90 day program with daily, digestible content and experiments followed by one month of the BNP Health Plus Membership. Access to in-app content for one year after ending the membership.
  • Meet N’ Greet with your coach to personalize your program
  • 150 Minutes of live one-on-one coaching sessions & unlimited messaging with your wellness coach
  • Bi-weekly live group sessions with The BNP Clinical Team™
  • A program-specific nutrition plan, customizable for your lifestyle and including recipes, menus & shopping suggestions
  • Bonus downloads for deeper dives into content that interests & applies to you
  • 20% Off personalized supplements and BNP recommendations

Total Neuropathy Solution™


Dealing with the symptoms of neuropathy isn’t easy. But you can put yourself on a better path to healing with better lifestyle and nutrition choices. With help from your personal BNP coach, group sessions with Ashley Koff RD and her team of experts, and experiments, you can start to experience a reduction in symptoms as well as address the underlying causes of your neuropathy, for lasting healing.

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This Program Will Help With….

Neuropathy | Weight Loss/Gain | Blood Sugar | Pain | Pre-Diabetes & Diabetes | Hydration | Optimal Performance | Stress | Anti-inflammatory

A Proven 4-Step Process

Designed For You by Award-Winning Practitioners

Investigate: Explore You

You are the key ingredient in this recipe for better health. We place a strong emphasis on understanding you, encompassing your goals, existing preferences, and the reasons behind those choices. We also pay close attention to how your body reacts to various stimuli, (we call these “experiments” but don’t worry, they happen at home not in a lab!). Phase activities: Data sharing, experiments; BNP Team™ support

Develop: Your Personalized Plan

With the exceptional expertise of The BNP Clinical Team™, spanning over 25 years, we thoroughly assess your data, results, and objectives. From this evaluation, we craft your initial roadmap, providing you with a range of tailored options to navigate your journey efficiently toward your desired goals. Phase activities: review, develop & plan sharing; agree to next steps; Clinical & BNP Team™ support

Implement: Take better step(s)

Let’s see how you and your body respond to the steps outlined in your plan. What’s doable (and not), what helps you feel better (and doesn’t). Your feedback is essential to developing a truly personalized plan that works. Phased activities: experiments, coaching live sessions, messaging, clinical private feedback, clinical live group sessions; BNP Coaching™, Clinical & BNP Team™ support

Optimize: Continue winning

Adapt your health journey based on your body’s responses. Utilize tests, evaluations, and experiments to fine-tune your approach. Adjust goals as needed, knowing that health is ever-changing, requiring a truly personalized plan. Phase activities: experiments, coaching live sessions, messaging, clinical private feedback, clinical live group sessions, optional add-ons; BNP Coaching™, Clinical & BNP Team™ support

You’ll Finish the Program With…

A better understanding of the choices that help your body heal

Deliciously doable recipes to reduce inflammation & improve symptoms

Personalized tools to help you stick with better nutritional & lifestyle choices

Year-long access to all the program resources & content so you can continue to experiment & optimize results

Better Wellness, on Better Terms

Health is personal. Our tools have to be, too. Every aspect of the Total Neuropathy Solution™ Program is designed to support your real life—so you can get better results, easier.

Engagement that works for you – Choose to consume our content through video, audio, or downloadable documents, in the app or on your desktop.

Personalized progress tracking – Write down every detail of your day or request regular check-ins from your coach that you can simply respond to. Share pictures, brief musings, or in-depth analyses—whatever works for you.

On your own or with your peers – Join fellow program participants for expert-led group Zoom sessions, or make it a purely personal experience with a coach.

Ashley Koff RD

You’re in Good Hands

The Total Neuropathy Solution™ is helmed by BNP founder and CEO Ashley Koff RD. Ashley developed the TNS Program to share the knowledge and tools she’s acquired in her 20+ years as a leading personalized nutritional expert and to help you take meaningful steps toward a better life—whatever that means for you. 

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