The Better Scale Guide


Why the better nutrition scale?

Numbers do matter. So the better nutrition scale shows you which numbers matter, and helps you work on the ones that could be better.

What does the better nutrition scale measure?

Your better health is a combination of numbers and how you feel most often. Your numeric weight, your body composition, your energy, your recovery and your review of you –  these are all what count for your better health.

Get this guide to get the better nutrition scale that will help you identify and track your goals.


What can the better nutrition scale tell you about your health?

The better nutrition scale can reveal if your body could use the bette nutrition digestive tune-up first, if your food and your supplements could be better, or if you should adjust how you train more often.

What is the best way to use the better scale? 

A notebook or the Better Nutrition Journal and a pen or pencil. You can use your mobile device where you keep notes. Keep track of your food intake and daily activities.

What else should I use with the better nutrition scale?

This guide helps you figure out your better next steps and suggests other better nutrition tools to help you reach your better health goals.