The Better Nutrition Plan (Hard Copy)


Want better results? Get your better nutrition plan.

Your better nutrition plan is the deliciously doable way to reach your better health goals right now.

What is The Better Nutrition Plan?

  • 25-page workbook, yes, to get better results you do have to do some work to customize your plan
  • The first and only nutrition plan that helps you assess your current total nutrition – foods, drinks, supplements, medications – and lifestyle choices
  • A set of exercises to help you see what’s already better (yay – keep these!) and where you could make better nutrition choices to help your body to run better.
  • A better proven technique to help you reduce stress immediately (!)
  • Get the 4 pillars and the 9 betters of better nutrition
  • How to choose better quality foods and beverages.
  • Better list of food groups and amounts to see what nutrients your favorites & not-so favorites give you (carbs, fats, proteins, non-starchy vegetables)


Why The Better Nutrition Plan hard copy?

The better nutrition plan is the first and only plan that helps you assess your total nutrition. When you record your day, you learn how your food, beverages, supplements and activity are better for your health.

Why should I buy the better nutrition plan hard copy?

Because you like to hold books and write in workbooks, because you like to do things that don’t require wifi or looking at a screen, because you want to take it into someone and get a sticker on the pages you complete. You do you, better.

How will this be sent to me?

By post, so if your shipping address is different than your billing address make sure to note that when you purchase or email us at

Can I purchase these plans for my office, school or event?

You bet. Email us about bulk orders

Get the Better Nutrition Plan today and start building your plan to your better health!