The Better Blood Sugar Nutrition Guide


Why better blood sugar nutrition?

Your better blood sugar nutrition will help your body get what it needs without giving it too much at one time or keeping sugar in the blood for too long. This is the secret to preventing a traffic jam inside your arteries and helping all of those blood sugar “cars” pick up passengers who have the insulin “key”.

Are there nutrients that I need for better blood sugar levels?

Yes. And they are part of your delicious better blood sugar nutrition plan. Yummy fats, quality carbs, herbs, spices and proteins combine for better blood sugar nutrition.

Get this guide to discover better blood sugar nutrition.


How can you make better blood sugar nutrition choices?

Your better blood sugar nutrition includes your food, drink and supplement choices. Your blood sugar levels depend on how easy it is for your body to remove sugar from your blood and deliver it into the cells for use.

Can I have sugar and carbs as part of better blood sugar nutrition? 

Yes, though you may need to reduce or avoid added sugar. Better blood sugar nutrition means enjoying as many foods as possible, but in better amounts, and that includes carbohydrates. The quality of carbohydrates and what you eat and drink with them will matter a lot too.

Will better blood sugar choices taste good?

Eating high quality foods is an essential part of better blood sugar nutrition but like all better nutrition your choices better be delicious too.  You can make delicious choices and avoid consuming irritants, like endocrine disruptors, which can further challenge your body’s hormones, like insulin.