Better Nutrition Provider Affiliate Program


What could better nutrition tools do for your clients?
When you know more about what your patient or client is taking in, why, and how often, you can create better nutrition recommendations. With better recommendations, they can achieve their better health goals. That’s the win-win of the better nutrition tools… but wait, there’s more.
What can better nutrition tools do for your business?
When you use better tools, you and your patients work better together, and your business gets better results, Better outcomes equals Better Income, now that’s better business!
How do I get better nutrition tools?
You can buy them. Individually or the whole set of tools (guides, evaluations, menus, plan and journal). You can also become a better nutrition provider by joining our affiliate program. This gives you access to our community, time with CEO, Ashley Koff RD, and the opportunity to generate revenue by inviting your clients and community to purchase the tools directly from The Better Nutrition Program. You make 50% of all affiliate generated purchases.



Why better nutrition tools?
Today there are many ways someone can take in nutrients – foods, beverages, supplements, medications etc – and for you to make better recommendations you need to assess their total nutrition easily and effectively.  Better Nutrition tools are the first  and only tools that do this, so they are better part of your business tool box.
Why this guide?
Sometimes we need a quick refresher about something we heard or read to help us take our better next step. Oh and sometimes a picture says it better.