Mens Nutrition Assessment Tools Package


“I was nervous to work with male clients but my female clients kept wanting me to help their husbands. This package of tools gave me the confidence and made it easy to work with men. I’ve now added couples sessions too. I love the recommendations from Dr Myles Spar.” – Stacy K, RDN LDN

Better mens nutrition assessment tools help you & your clients win! 

Do you work with men or want to work with male clients of all ages? We collaborated with leading men’s health expert Dr Myles Spar to create a toolkit to help you assess and develop personalized recommendations for him. He doesn’t want wellness, he wants to win! Use these tools to help develop and implement a personalized total nutrition plan so each guy wins. When they win, you win. Better outcomes means better business for you!

This package includes the following tools to create a better hormone health nutrition plan:

Did you know that you can seamlessly use these tools with your Practice Better, Healthie and other EHR accounts? For an example, Learn how to Practice Better Nutrition in this post.



Why Mens Nutrition Assessment Tools Package? 

The mens nutrition assessment tools are essential for evaluating your client’s current total nutrition to create personalized recommendations that help him Win! Using the tools you can see if his current nutrition feeds his body what it needs to have the energy, support and protection it needs.  These tools complement lab test and other biometrics so you get the most complete profile of what’s impacting his health.

How do the better mens nutrition assessment tool help my clients win?

Show him where he is today and which specific nutrition upgrades will help him Win. When you Show vs Tell and keep it simple, he gets what he needs to make his better choices. You can show him the differences between supplement and food sources. Likewise, the tools help you show him how his digestive and fitness choices impact his health.
When you evaluate his overall nutrition it will give you specific insights about his needs as well as lifestyle factors. Reading the recommendations developed by Dr Spar will help you and your client prioritize his better next steps. You don’t want to give him too many things to change at once. But you do want him to understand and see how specific changes help him look and feel better.

Why this package of tools?

These tools help you counsel as to what your client should eat, drink and take to reach his personal health goals. We bundled these nutrition assessment tools together to make it easier for you and to save you money. 


Digestion will play a key role so make sure to share delicious digestive tune up recipes like this one.

Don’t forget to share your results with the rest of your healthcare team, or if you are a healthcare provider get permission to share the results with the other members of your patient’s team.