Better Digestion Evaluation


Why the Better Nutrition Digestive evaluation?
The Better Nutrition Digestive Evaluation is the first and only tool to help you review your current total nutrition to discover what is better and what could be better for digestive health.
What should you do with your Better Nutrition Digestive evaluation?
Take the quiz and share your results with your practitioner(s) or use it with your patients and clients to help them make their better digestive health nutrition choices .


Is your daily total nutrition better for your digestion?
If you have any health goals, you need better digestion first to help your body reach them. You are not what you eat, you are what you digest and absorb. But what you eat, sip, pop and do will help your digestion get and stay healthy, or keep it from being better.
What choices are better for your digestion?
It depends on your current health, medications, and health goal(s), but there are key foods, beverages, and supplements that help promote digestive health. Likewise, there are those to avoid or reduce your intake to improve your digestion.
What are the better supplements for your digestion?
You better supplement choices will depend on the results of your Better Nutrition Digestive Evaluation. Sign up for The Better Nutrition Supplement Store to get access to our approved products and recommendations.