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The better digestive nutrition tools are very easy for my client to fill out and as a result she sent it back to me quickly and we were able to get moving forward with her recommendations. The thing I like about it is the way the questions are sub-categorized, which makes it easy to evaluate.” Denise Lalonde, RHN, CPT, best-selling author

Why get the better nutrition digestive assessment tools package?

Every practitioner and client needs to review digestive health first, before creating or implementing other recommendations, by using the better nutrition digestive assessment tools. Assessing and tuning up digestion is the better first step towards any health goal. Your client can not be healthy without better digestion!

This package includes the following tools to create your better digestion nutrition plan:

Don’t forget to share your results with the rest of your healthcare team, or if you are a healthcare provider get permission to share the results with the other members of your patient’s team.

Did you know that you can seamlessly use these tools with your Practice Better, Healthie and other EHR accounts? For an example, Learn how to Practice Better Nutrition in this post.


The better nutrition digestive assessment tools are your better first step.

Using the better nutrition digestive assessment tools helps you, as a practitioner, decode the body’s mysterious signals. When you know what your client’s body needs, you can start making your better nutrition recommendations. That’s how you help your client get better digestion – your better first step to better health.

Here’s more about how to fix digestion!

The digestive system regularly sends signals, are you listening? 

Ask your client to describe how their digestive system is functioning. Are things going the wrong way – or not going at all? Is your client oftentimes bloated and uncomfortable? Does your client lack energy, want to improve their skin, want to lose weight and improve overall health? The better digestive nutrition tools ask these and several other questions because better digestion is essential for any better health goal.

Which foods should I recommend for better nutrition?

Your clients are not what they eat, they are what they digest and absorb! Better digestion better be delicious so make sure to check out this and our other recipes.

Why the Gut Instinct better digestive nutrition assessment tools package?

When you know what your client can and should eat, drink and take to get better digestion, you’ll have a win on your hands! Sure you can get these better nutrition tools individually, we just bundled them together to make it easier and save you money.