Better Sandwich Nutrition Guide


Why better sandwich nutrition?

There is better sandwich nutrition and there is not better. When you make better choices, it is deliciously easy to give your body what it needs to run better.

How do you build a better sandwich?

Better sandwich nutrition better be delicious, doable, and based on your preferences. Use this guide to balance nutrients, make swaps, and build a sandwich you will enjoy.

Get this guide to discover better sandwich nutrition

Whether you are purchasing ready-made sandwiches or making them yourself, this guide will help you identify the ingredients and amounts for your better sandwich nutrition choice.


Do you like having sandwiches?

Discover better sandwich nutrition! It includes making better quality choices in better amounts. It can work with any diet choices you need or want to follow. When you use this guide, your enjoy delicious choices that deliver better nutrition.

Aren’t salads the better nutrition choice versus sandwiches? 

Nope. Better sandwich nutrition allows you to enjoy a sandwich or a salad, or both so you have more choices.  Often sandwiches are an easy way to help get in more plants and key nutrients. Use this guide to help you avoid common sandwich mistakes.

How can I make sandwiches taste good and be good for me?

What tastes good to you is different than what your friend or partner likes and can be different depending on the season or your current health. Follow this guide and use the better nutrition recipes for some examples of alternatives to the everyday sandwich.