Better Plant Protein Nutrition Guide


Why the better plant protein nutrition guide?

Better plant protein choices help the body get what it needs. Help your patients learn how to get in different essential amino acids from plants. There are 9 essential aminos and some other that become important depending on the “conditions” of your health. Different soil and types of foods like cashews versus almonds will deliver different amounts of the essential aminos. So variety is very important.

How do better plant protein choices help the body

When you make them, you give your body what it needs to build muscles but also for better communication like hormones, enzymes and metabolism. They also help hair, skin, and nails stay healthy.

Get this guide to discover better plant protein nutrition choices.

Check out the recipes on our site to see how deliciously easy it can be to get in plants.



Want help making better plant protein nutrition choices?

Use the better plant protein nutrition guide to develop your weekly menu so it includes a variety. Protein is essential for better health. But the kind, how much, how often, and a few other factors will make a big difference in how the body digests, absorbs and uses protein you consume.

Which kind of protein is better?

Both can be good options but almost all animals need plant nutrients. When you consume them you get in other nutrients that help your body run better. Several deliver complete proteins like hemp seeds, organic soy (tofu, tempeh, milk, and edamame), and quinoa.

How should I use this guide?

Meant as a complement to the Better Nutrition Protein Evaluation, go over the information and then review a week’s worth of eating to see what could be better. You can also use the guide to make a list of the different foods and then search online for recipes, or grab a few plant-based cookbooks

Remember, you don’t have to be plant monogamous (vegan) to get the health benefits from plant foods. But you do want to make plants the foundation of your diet. And spices count too!