The Better Nutrition Workshop

Our workshops are designed to help groups get and keep their better health results powered by better nutrition. We speak to the key components of How to Build Your Better Nutrition Plan as well as offer tips to make better, not perfect, choices more often. Workshops can be done in-person at your preferred location or virtual. We recommend The Better Nutrition Plan or The Road Trip To Better Health to accompany these workshops. For inquiries please contact

“My team and I wanted to put together an event for our clients that would benefit them outside of just financial advice. After being referred to Ashley & Rachel with the Better Nutrition Program, we scheduled a call and couldn’t have been happier. From the start, they were amazing with their professionalism, knowledge & friendliness. They organized everything from food pick-up to books for each participant and so much more.  We had a group of 25 people & after speaking with everyone afterward, it was 100% positive feedback! Our team couldn’t recommend them more for any function to come and speak! They cover so many topics that we plan on hosting more events and having them come speak again.”

– JK, Merrill Lynch
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