Better Antibiotic Nutrition Guide


Why better antibiotic nutrition?

Better antibiotic nutrition helps your body tolerate, get optimal results from, and help your body heal effectively.

Who should grab the Better Antibiotic Nutrition guide?

You if you recently took antibiotics or are about to start a dose. You if you are concerned about your digestion and immune health during and after your course of antibiotics.

Are antibiotics bad?

Antibiotics – oral, topical, intravenous – aren’t the problem, in fact, they can save your life. However, overuse of antibiotics and failure to address what they do to your body is a real issue, with lasting health consequences.

Get this guide to discover better antibiotic nutrition.

Here’s the Better Nutrition During & After Antibiotics Plan to help you get better and back on your path to better health powered by better nutrition.


What are better antibiotic nutrition choices?

Before you can make better antibiotics nutrition choices, you need to understand how antibiotics work in your body. When taking antibiotics orally, topically or intravenously your body will attack the bad bacteria that’s causing problems and kill them off. In doing so, the antibiotics also kill off good bacteria.  Thus, your better antibiotic nutrition choices include repopulating your digestion with good bacteria and giving them the nutrients they need to thrive.

Is it ok to take antibiotics to get better?

YES. Antibiotics are a health tool that we are lucky to have today. The goal is to have infrequent exposure to them so that they can work effectively when needed. That’s why it is important for us to reduce non-essential exposure to antibiotics.

How can I avoid taking antibiotics more often?

The better antibiotic nutrition guide gives you tips for during and after antibiotic use to help your body heal. How you heal is critical to reducing future need for antibiotics.