The Better Nutrition Sodium Evaluation


Why the better nutrition sodium evaluation?

This is the first and only tool to help you assess your current total sodium intake and see if it is helping your body meet its daily needs, more often. Take the Better Nutrition Sodium Evaluation and share the results with your practitioner(s) or use it with your patients and clients to help them make their better sodium nutrition choices.

How do you meet your body’s total sodium nutrition needs?

Need sodium? Eat salt?! Maybe. But there are lots of ways to get in your better amount of sodium more often. Keep in mind you need about half as much sodium as potassium so it’s important to do both evaluations to create your better sodium potassium nutrition plan for better health.


What sodium choices are better for your body?

It depends on your current health, medications, and health goal(s), but both plant and animal foods provide sodium that your body can use. Packaged foods and restaurant foods may provide more sodium than your body needs daily.

How much sodium do you need daily?

It depends on many factors but the Better Nutrition Sodium Evaluation will help you assess the amount you are currently taking in to see if it is better, or not, and provide suggestions for better choices. You also need twice as much potassium as sodium so use The Better Nutrition Potassium Evaluation.

Are sodium replacements better for your body?

Maybe. It will depend on the results of your Better Nutrition Sodium Evaluation and the quality of the sodium replacements. This evaluation provides better low sodium and sodium replacement suggestions.