The Better Nutrition Plan + Journal (Digital)


What’s better than a plan? A journal to track your choices, too!

This package includes both the Better Nutrition Plan, and the Better Nutrition Journal to help you build and track your better nutrition choices. When you go to the effort of building your better nutrition plan, you learn a lot about your current choices, and how easily and effectively better choices will help you reach your goal. BUT you need to track your efforts to build new habits and to see what is working.




Use the better nutrition plan journal tools to get your better results!

The Better Nutrition Plan (Digital)

The first of the better nutrition plan journal tools. Your body needs nutrients in certain amounts to run better. Use this plan to asses your current nutrition to see what’s already better and where you need to act better more often. You can write on this PDF from your computer or print it out and write on it.

The Better Nutrition Journal (Digital)

Use this journal to track how you are doing, daily, so you can see and share your new better nutrition choices and get help if they aren’t helping you get better results. The Better Nutrition Journal pairs better with The Better Nutrition Plan that’s why you save when you get them together.